Ferrari adopt a new modular platform


The next generation of Ferrari products adopt a new modular platform currently being developed. It premiered in 2017.


Ferrari-Laferrari-ensamblaje D ccording to indicating the publication Automobile Ferrari would be developing a new modular architecture will serve to give life the new generation of vehicles from the year 2017, with the exception of some high-performance products.

Ensure that the new platform is built based on an aluminum structure and is designed to accommodate both car with the engine located in central position as front. At the same time, the architecture may have different configurations suspension, transmission and propellants course. Thus Ferrari could achieve for more efficient production and significantly lower costs of development.

The first to receive the new platform will be the next generation of Ferrari California which could reach the market in 2017. Despite retain its retractable hardtop, the new California will have smaller and a rather more low weight.

also maintain the new Ferrari FF is also based on the new modular architecture, even leaving aside the V12 sucked into a new V8 Twin-turbo pursuant to continue the way of downsizing aimed at improving the level of emissions. The same applies to the Dino unprecedented new generation which use a V6 . However V12 will remain, although associated with hybrid systems that maintain low emissions.



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