Ferrari and Aston Martin are fined in Europe by going too far with emissions

Aston Martin Vanquish S

European Environment Agency (EEA) is the agency that is in charge of controlling that car manufacturers to comply with the emissions established in Europe. Now they have left their reports of 2015 and tell us that there were two brands that failed to meet their objectives. Aston Martin and Ferrari are going to be ticketed for exceeding the emissions established. amounts will not be very high due to the reduced volume of sales of both.

on one side we have Ferrari who will have to pay a fine 410.760 euros for violating the rules. Note that some models of the brand of the ‘prancing horse’ have a price above this figure. Even lower is the Aston Martin, you will only need to pay 36.370 euros by overdoing the emissions. An amount that is far below the cost of its cheapest model.

Ferrari 70 aniversario ediciones especiales

According to the report the average emissions of vehicles sold in Europe it is of 119,5 g/km of CO2. Is 8% below the target for 2015, which was located at 130 g/km The brands that best did and that you are close to meet the target for 2021 were Peugeot 104 g/km, Renault and Citroën with 106 g/km and Toyota with 108 g/km The worst unemployed left were Jaguar Land Rover with 164 g/km.

The objective cited above that you want to achieve for the year 2021 is that the emissions of CO2 are of 95 g/km. There are a number of manufacturers, yet having fulfilled its goal in 2015, they will need to improve in this aspect to reach that figure. These four are Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Opel, Ford and BMW. One of the measures that help to reduce these data is the inclusion of vehicles electric and plug-in hybrids to the range.

Source – Autonews Europe