Ferrari auction the last LaFerrari coupe for a record-breaking $ 7 million


More than 7 million have been raised by one of these copies.

a few months Ago, Ferrari announced that it would manufacture a last drive of the LaFerrari, with the reason that to be auctioned off in benefit of the victims of the earthquakes in the Italian peninsula this year.

This specimen, which is born as the number 500, a long time after the completion of the fabrication of the 499 copies, has been auctioned off this weekend in Daytona, where they held the event Purposes Mondiali of the brand. The fabrication of the LaFerrari coupe ceased a long time ago, this unit has been built ex profeso for this cause, coinciding in time with the presentation of the alternative open, the LaFerrari Aperta.

The copy has a commemorative plaque and a unique decor. Of red bodywork, has a few lines of white colour on the front hood and next to the huge rear window, after that you can see the engine. In the morro, where are born those lines, we can find the flag of Italy, as a gift of the brand to the Italian people. Other than that, you are presumably identical to the rest of the books, even at a technical level.


Ferrari LaFerrari in a photo file.

The huge price achieved by the model, 7 million dollars, which is the absolute record for one of these copies, beating the LaFerrari up to now more expensive to auction this year in Monterey, and even the 6.05 million that I got last year in Monterey, the Ferrari Enzo number 400, made out of the original series of 399 copies, as a gift to the then Pope John Paul II.

This copy so special and rare, which had numerous signatures
of the protagonists of the brand, such as Luca Cordero of
Montezemolo, was auctioned off to raise funds for the victims of the
The great Tsunami that struck southeast asia a short time before.

In fact, the LaFerrari #500 becomes its own right in the vehicle manufactured in the TWENTY-first Century the most expensive to date,
since no other copy of this time has been able to obtain in auction
public a figure as high. Discounting of course the sales
private, as these are records that are verifiable and therefore, not
are taken into account.


The LaFerrari coupe stopped manufacture a while ago.

In this same event was where it was announced the last one-off of the firm of Maranello, the Ferrari SP275RW Competizione. A unique specimen that was built at the request of a client in Florida, and who was your special copy less than a week ago. This one-off takes as inspiration the classic 275 GTB/C Speciale Le Mans winner 1965, and precisely also resides in Florida, forming part of a permanent exhibition of a shop.