Ferrari brings us the long teeth. Will the 488 GTO to mark their territory?

Ferrari 488 GTO

When the river sounds… that is what I have had to rethink the engineers responsible for the development of the Ferrari 488 GTB; when they realized the possible and unexpected arrival of the Porsche 911 GT2 RS. The launch of the most powerful model ever built Porsche road version (with the exception of the 918 Spyder), along with the shocking statements about Oliver Blume (CEO of Porsche). All of this has been the catalyst for the brand of the Prancing horse, to re-evaluate the arrival of a version of GTO for some of their models.

has been hunted that is likely to be the most radical, powerful and exclusive of the Ferrari 488; version GTO. Different spy photos claim to have found the “unique pony riding” by the German roads in testing phase. All indications are, that the possible arrival of Ferrari 488 GTO would be the model V8 mid-rear-engined” most powerful that has come out the gates of Maranello. To do this, Ferrari will be based on what you learned in these 30 years, since the appearance of the iconic 288 GTO, to create a unique machine, able to put in a check to all its rivals.

Ferrari 488 GTO

If we stop to think about it carefully, there is nothing far-fetched the arrival of a variant GTO for the Ferrari 488. The success, and the good press garnered by the 458 Italia, was inspired by a whole team to bring out a new model, more effective, faster, and in general, better supercar than this one. The arrival of the 488, was a point and part of the excellence and the know-how of the Italian brand. Only have needed about two years to give a twist to your already excellent creation. What is the reason?

As I mentioned, the stark’s arrival, that will be the new Porsche 911 GT2 RS, has created such a stir, that their competitors want to take advantage of the situation. You’ve reached the perfect excuse to reinvent yourself. To do this, Ferrari is in the 488 your perfect ally. In this way, the desired model, you could reach the platform of the 488 which is by lowering the weight, change the configuration of the chassis and of course, you will would increase the power; aspects that seem obvious but are just as essential as difficult to get.

Ferrari 488 GTO

Starting e engine block and on the basis of the V8 and the 3.9-liter biturbo, will yield a power close to the 700 HP and will increase the torque substantially on the basis of the 760Nm variant “standard.” Also it is speculated that the reasons for the weight reduction to be based on a reduction of the thickness of the glass used in windscreen and windows, brake carbocerámicos lighter, different compound in the alloy wheels (similar to 458 Speciale),…

to The net, yet to be determined, is estimated at less than 1,400 Kg of weight dry. An acceleration of 0-100 Km/h in less than 3 seconds and 0-200 Km/h in no less than about 7.5 seconds. If confirmed these data, or if you want to the newcomer McLaren 720S would keep up the pace. As a novelty, it could incorporate a software side slide to control the angle of positioning of the body .

Source – coach.