Ferrari California T Handling Speciale, the more sensations sports as an option


The Ferrari California T model is the most affordable of the current range of Maranello, but with prices that depart from the 214.448 euros (without options) is still very far away for the common of mortals. With all the possibilities that offers a convertible metal roof retractable, the California T wants to prove that it also has all the sportsmanship that is expected of a true Ferrari.

At the Geneva motor show 2016 will debut innovations aimed at it. The package optional ‘Handling Speciale’ will bring more sportiness and feelings at the Ferrari California T, with changes in various aspects. There are No more horses or benefits: the V8 engine of 3.9 liters, with turbocharging twin-turbo, keep your 560 HP, but the sensations in your steering wheel will be weighted.

Ferrari California T’s Handling Speciale incorporate a gear train revised springs more firm: 16% more rigid in its front axle than the standard model, and a 19% on the rear axle. The adaptive dampers also adopt a setting more sports to reduce inertia on the curve. This has a small counterpart in the comfort will be more noticeable the irregularities of the road.


The electronic management is also reviewed with this pack, being especially notable in the mode ‘Sport’, that can be activated through the jackknife. The gearbox -double clutch and seven relationships – is faster in transitions between gears, along with new parameters for a stability and traction control F1-Trac more effective.

new sports exhaust puts the icing on the finale: the sound of the engine will not go unnoticed, especially in the regimes of spin higher, where it will notice more. Together, these different settings, which provides the ‘Handling Speciale’ will enhance a behavior of the vehicle more sporty and radical, just as demanded by many clients for the California T.

The latest news coming from his external appearance. Without any major aesthetic changes, the California T’s Handling Speciale will be recognizable through small details, such as your front grill and diffuser aerodynamic in color Grigio Ferro, or exhaust outlets in matte black color. There are No interior changes, beyond a plaque with the inscription ‘Handling Speciale’.