Ferrari California T, more sporty thanks to the package Handling Speciale

Ferrari California T Handling Speciale Ferrari California T is the access model of the brand, but also is a Great Tourism with an extraordinary performance and ride comfort superior to that of many of its brothers brand. It is one of the models more usable in day-to-day of the brand of the cavallino. That does not mean you dispense with your athletic skills and now, for those who are always looking for more, Ferrari offers as an option on the California T the package Handling Speciale (HS), which makes this convertible is more dynamic than ever.

The package Handling Speciale has as major physical modifications docks more rigid, specifically a 16% more in front and a 19% behind the standard model. In this way you get to keep more firm body. If you select the driving mode Sport, the driver will notice a better response of the automatic transmission, either using it in automatic mode or in the manual. The cushioning piloted has also been recalibrada for the package HS.

Ferrari California T Handling Specialetraction control F1-Trac has also been optimized for the package Handling Speciale, contributing, according to the brand, to optimize the acceleration at the exit of the curves and roads bumpy. Sportsmanship is also printed in this Ferrari California T with a new musical note is provided by the system specific exhaust. Since we started, and at all times, the exhaust makes its presence felt more than in the standard versions of the California T, which are more aburguesadas.

Aesthetically it will also be possible to differentiate the Ferrari California T’s Handling Speciale. The grey matt takes over the front grill and the rear diffuser, at the same time that the exhausts look a matte black color. On the inside, a plate makes it clear that it is a unit equipped with the package Handling Speciale.

These novelties will be shown to the public at the next Geneva motor show, but they certainly are an interesting addition if we want to squeeze to the maximum the capabilities of the Ferrari California T and its engine 3.8 V8 turbo 560 CV, with which it is able to reach 316 km/h going from 0 to 100 km/h in 3,6 seconds.

Source – Ferrari

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