Ferrari calls for a revision of the penalty to Vettel in Mexico


When the appearance of Charlie Whiting seemed to serve to terminate the issue of the sanctions of the Grand Prix of Mexico, Ferrari returns to stir up controversy by issuing a press release in which it calls for a review of the sanction in the light of new elements and that, in the future, there is more clarity in the application of the rules.

“Scuderia Ferrari has submitted an application to the commissioners of the Grand Prix of Mexico 2016 for a review of the decision to penalize Sebastian Vettel for breach of article 27.5 of the sporting regulations of the Formula 1 2016 as a result of their behavior in the curve 4 for the back 70″.

“This is the first application of article 27.5 of the sporting regulations of the Formula 1 2016 interpreted on the basis of the notes of the Race Director on “defensive maneuvers” and effective from the Grand Prix of the united States of 2016″.

“The Scuderia Ferrari believes that a number of new elements have come to light after the decision was taken, doing the same revisable under article 14.1 of the international sporting code”.

“The Scuderia Ferrari is aware that the classification of the championship will not change, regardless of the outcome. But, given its importance as a precedent for the future and to provide clarity to the application of the rules in future events, Scuderia Ferrari believes that the decision should be reconsidered by the commissioners”.