Ferrari celebrated on sale: Since the F40 of Eric Clapton to the Testarossa from Miami Vice


Ferrari Testarossa used in Miami Vice.

This weekend concludes another of the great events of the year, the Contest of Elegance of Arizona, that as each edition is accompanied by one of the most famous rounds of auctions of the year, Scottsdale. In these we found many interesting pieces, but we have called attention to three specimens of the Italian brand, two of which go on sale in Scottsdale and that have a history famous.

The first of them is one of Ferrari’s most recognisable, one of the copies of the Testarossa white Miami Vice, the belonging to Peter Lima of Real Muscle Car Boutique. In total, the company employed two authentic copies of the Testarossa, which were originally black in color.

One of the Testarossa is in the hands of the collector Preston Henn, the same that he intended to sue Ferrari for not sell you a LaFerrari Spyder, that paid $ 750,000 for the sporty white and what is exposed since then in one of their stores. It is said that it has received bids above the million, all rejected.


Now comes to the sale without reservation.

which we have available this weekend is the copy of Peter Lima, who takes trying to sell it unsuccessfully for a few years. At the end of 2014 appeared for the first time this copy for sale on eBay, but after not achieve the expected price thus moved to an auction of Mecum Auctions, where it reached a maximum bid of 475,000 dollars, a good price for any copy of the model

however, Lima was intended to obtain a value of about 1.75 million dollars, , so again we had to take him home. Now, the Testarossa white, 1986, form part of the auction of Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale, where it comes out for the first time without a reserve price. The one who bid more will.

Another Ferrari famous for his role as the protagonist in a series is this 308 GTS quattrovalvole in 1984. It was the vehicle of the protagonist in Magnum P. I., a series detective starring Tom Selleck in the eighties.


One of the 3 Ferrari 308 GTS employees in the series.

This issue of the color red corresponds with the specifications for USE of the model, hence its prominent bumper, black plastic, bulkier than the one that we can find in the european units. Likewise, their performance and benefits are a little lower, as for reasons of emissions all 308 homologaban a power slightly lower in the north american market.

This specifically has 235 HP (232 hp) instead of the 240 HP that had the 308 GTB/GTS quattrovalvole in Europe. Although the quattrovalvole belonged to the last version, were less powerful than the 308 GTB original, that fed by carburetion in Europe was producing around 255 HP.

After being used in the series up to 1988 went back to Ferrari, which was commissioned repintarlo and review it to be sold to its first private owner. At that time, Ferrari had already been presented and marketed the two successors to the 308, the 328 GTB/GTS and 348 tb/ts.


This was one of the Ferrari that used Tom Selleck in the series.

Two owners later, the Ferrari 308 comes to Scottsdale to be auctioned with less than 60,000 miles.

finally, we find a very special, on this occasion to the sale in a dealership in london and that therefore it is not auctioned, it is just on sale. It is a Ferrari F40 1991 which has in its ownership history with the singer Eric Clapton.

This was done with the F40 in 2000, already as a used vehicle and held it until the year 2003. At that moment, passed into the hands of its current owner, who is the one who has put it up for sale. It is not known why the singer has taken so long in getting one of these models, because it is a well-known collector of vehicles of the brand.


Ferrari F40 ex Eric Clapton.

The specimen is in a state of exceptional and has been properly maintained by their respective owners. Curiously, it is one of the copies with the european specifications, and are therefore not account with the unsightly bumper black plastic that we see in the which up to this time is the most expensive unit in the model, the F40 ex Carl Haas, who at the time of its sale had less than 900 miles of use.

on The contrary, this copy ex Clapton has little more than 10,000 kms of use, 10.881, to be exact. A mileage very low, in line with the average, show the best examples of the model, but what calls the attention is its price, $ 1.1 million.

This price puts it in the middle of what is paid for any unit of the F40 in recent years, so we were surprised that the seller has not wanted to bring revenue in the history of the model.