Ferrari Classiche returns to life this Ferrari 225E burned

Ferrari Classiche Ferrari 225E restauradotwo years Ago the Ferrari 225E that rests on these lines did not look that immaculate look. This car, owned by a collector argentine, arrived at the garage Ferrari Classiche in Maranello in a very precarious after having been partially destroyed by a fire. The division of the restoration of a classic Ferrari has worked hard to get to the result of the images.

This unit of the Ferrari 225E, which is already in the hands of its owner after the restoration, has a well documented history. Corresponds to the chassis number 0178 and was manufactured in may, 1952, for the count Antonio Sterzi, all an amateur of motor racing that was soon to compete in the famous Mille Miglia with his co-driver Nino Rovelli. Not won this competition, but this Ferrari 225E if it turned out to be the winner of the Coppa della Toscana in 1952, as well as the rise Bolzano-Mendola and the Coppa InterEuropa in Monza.

Ferrari Classiche Ferrari 225E restauradoAfter belonging to Antonio Sterzi, this Ferrari 225E has passed through the hands of two other owners. A fire almost finished with the car, who spent many years in a poor state after tried to restore the bodywork in the 80’s and despite the fact that the engine was virtually untouched. This unit has been restored by Ferrari Classiche for close to two years by order of its last owner.

The restoration department, Ferrari Classiche has undertaken a complete restoration of the Ferrari 225E, restoring the body and rebuilding the interior which was destroyed by the flames. Unfortunately, not kept the documentation or information relating to the specifications of the interior of this particular unit, so that the team of Ferrari Classiche decided to carry out the restoration on the basis of the interiors of the mark in the 50’s.

Ferrari Classiche Ferrari 225E restaurado

The Ferrari 225E in the doors of the factory in Maranello

Both the front bumper and rear have not been placed, which were removed in the 50 years to compete in the Coppa InterEuropa in Monza and it has been decided to dispense with these items.

Source – Ferrari