Ferrari: Collection of the best and latest videos of the brand


Ferrari F40 specifications USED.

A short walk around the social networks or by different services storage of videos, allows you to quickly discover the immense amount of material that is published constantly of the firm of Maranello and its models. Whether at a professional level as an amateur.

In the last few weeks we have encountered several of these videos, that we have collected in a single series, all of them very elaborate and of great visual richness, and therefore, some of the most spectacular or eye-catching that you’ll find the Italian brand.

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

Recently, Ferrari desvelaba the latest variant of the already extinct LaFerrari, if we deduct the last issue that will be manufactured in benefit of those affected by the earthquake of Amatrice. The official presentation of this new open version had a place in the Paris Salon of 2016, and will be made exclusively as a limited edition, with a production of only 209 copies.

Your spectacular video presentation is at the height of the aesthetics of the model, which looks more eye-catching if it fits with this new setup spyder. In the first official video we can see Sebastian Vettel, Scuderia, at the controls of the model, although we know that this really was not involved in the shooting full video. As what we hunt precisely as it slid in Barcelona, moments in which the German pilot was not present.

Ferrari 488 GTB

Giancarlo Fisichella gives us a lap around the Yas Marina circuit, in Abu Dhabi, at the controls of the last two-seater V8 of the brand, the 488 GTB. The Italian rider makes the most of the 670-HP twin-turbo V8 in the 488 GTB, the variant coupé closed model, while carrying as co-pilots to several guests, who can not hide the wonderment and excitement in their eyes.

Named 488 Passione Rossa, this video was filmed during one of the events Passione Ferrari that the brand performs for various circuits of the planet, organized events with the different organizations and clubs owners of the models of the brand, and which usually coincide with events of the Ferrari Challenge or the exclusive club of pilots of the signature.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

This video is not new, in fact it has already a time. In 2015, Ferrari managed to gather at the Nürburgring several dozens of copies of the F12, your last Gran Turismo. Endowed with a V12 front of 740 CV in its base version and 780 HP in the special limited edition F12 tdf.

vision to 40 Ferrari F12 circulating through the path Nordschleife of the Nürburgring is not something that you can see every day. Although the owners did not really squeeze the full potential of their engines, it is still a document graph the most striking.

Ferrari F40

finally, a document almost essential. Jay Leno, the famous presenter of television and famed collector devotes a chapter of his series online, “Jay Leno’s Garage”, one of the myths of the Italian brand and the world of the engine, the Ferrari F40.

Leno is a specialist in classic and a great lover of the european brands, however, you do not have any Ferrari in his extensive collection, consisting of several dozen units, although interestingly, it does have a Fiat 500. In some occasion has come to explain to you that this is because the times that he has approached a dealer to be interested in a copy of the mark, the treatment received has not been all aware that he had desired, unlike in other brands.

Jay Leno and Ferrari limited edition

The copy of the F40’s previous video belongs to the collector american David Lee, that you have to turn of all and each one of the supercars of the brand of Maranello, starting with the 288 GTO of 1984 and ending with the last LaFerrari, 2014.

Jay Leno we are delighted with another great video on , meeting the 5 fantastic and rare examples of David Lee, all of them red colour, forming a spectacular composition, that shows us the evolution of the most important moments of the Italian firm, which contrasted tremendously the GTO and F40 with the most current Enzo and LaFerrari.