Ferrari could market more hybrid cars from 2019

Ferrari LaFerrari negro subastawe Already know plenty of the Ferrari LaFerrari, and also to its variant convertible named LaFerrari Aperta that we discovered a couple of months ago. Two models have a very exclusive brand of Maranello. In addition to all of its potential and benefits, both models, which share practically all the components, surprised the world by use, for the first time in Ferrari, a hybrid drive system. Apparently, some of the upcoming vehicles of the company could be imitated and combine a thermal engine with an electric.

So what point our fellow Coach in an article. This means british claims that the brand of the “prancing horse”, using the Boss Sergio Marchionne, has stated that, starting in the year 2019, some of the new products of large-scale production of the Italian company would use a hybrid drive system in order to improve the performance of their products, being more efficient and fast.

Ferrari LaFerrari Spideris Not the first time that a story of this kind relates to future vehicles Ferrari with a hybrid drive system. And is that a long time ago has been talk of that the successor to the current Ferrari F12, which in theory would appearance approximately in 2020, could also have this combination of a heat engine and the other electric. The main difference is that the first hybrid of the company have been two models are very limited in that Ferrari has put “all the meat on the grill”, worthy successor of the Ferrari Enzo or the F40 and F50.

This news will make a lot of noise, because it is possible that the more purists of the brand of Maranello does not see with good eyes this decision. As we said, the future models that have hybrid propulsion would be the products “more affordable” and “not so exclusive” of the company. Unlike the hybrid models affordable today, Ferrari will not look for a low consumption with this type of propulsion, although they should also be reduced, but better response and performance.

Source – Coach