Ferrari does not want a SUV in its range, thanks to God

Ferrari GTC4Lusso TIn the Paris the Group Fiat Chrysler Cars have not had major updates, hence missing the great Sergio Marchionne. However Ferrari, one of the group’s brands, yes had important things to teach the public. Among them were the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T and the version without roof of the LaFerrari, the LaFerrari Aperta. In addition, it has also released special versions to commemorate his seventy birthday.

Ferrari is one of the few brands of cars that are still faithful to their roots and lineage. With this we refer to not misled by the fashion imposed by the market and focus on what really is good, create the super sports. Among these fashions are SUV and as we have been able to know, in the house of Maranello are not willing to enter one in your range.

Ferrari LaFerrari SpiderWith this we do not say that if Ferrari were to make an SUV would not be the best, but have specialized in the creation of sports of high-flying and believe they do not need a vehicle for “SUVir curbs”. Something normal since today customers are not lacking, and their faithful do not demand this type of vehicle.

One of the brands against which it competes Ferrari is Lamborghini. The mark of the bull Ferruccio Lamborghini was formed to fight against the horse-cars of Enzo Ferrari. However, the development of history has done that Lamborghini is playing around with the idea of launching an SUV to the market. The Urus would be this model and according to the latest information it has many odds of getting to production.

however, thanks to Michael Hugo, head of marketing and product of Ferrari, we have been able to know that there is no place for an SUV in the range of the Italian manufacturer. The reason that wields Hugo is that only a gran turismo you can ensure the performance you can expect from a Ferrari. These words serve to calm down the more purist since the fever of the SUV has not been taken hold of the heads of the house of Maranello.

we Hope that sanity for many years in the house of the Prancing horse and the spirit of the SUV away what enough.

Source – Paris Salon