Ferrari, drowned in criticism, defends


With both riders in the fourth and fifth position in the Championship
in the World of the riders and the team stalked by Red Bull on the table
builders, the start of the season Ferrari is far from being
what they and their followers expected

bad luck and mechanical failures, we have to add the
recent performance issues in classification, directly
related to the difficulties that they are having to maximize
to a round.

Maurizio Arrivabene, which has already been challenged in his position at
Italy, has wanted to come out to the step of the criticism, defending the
work this season. “we Could
have done it better. If you have not broken the engine in Bahrain,
we would have finished on the podium, we would have many more points and
things would be better. But what we did not do, that is so. Now
wait and focus on the next race”
admitted to the Italian.

“Sabemos that the problem is in how it works our car with the tires

Ferrari is aware that their main weakness lies in how
operate the tyres, especially in qualifying. The
problem is Saturday afternoon. We must try to
to understand it, because it is absurd that a car has a certain performance
in Q1 and Q2, and then be unable to repeat it in Q3.
the problem is in how it works our car with
the tires
We have to work and fix this problem, because if we can not
start in the above positions, then we have problems
should not be our
. Look at what happened in
a Arrivabene, which asserts that the strategy was adequate, but not
the output position.
“To recover positions and we had to make a
aggressive strategy and that put us behind Felipe Massa, who did not
should be our rival. The choice of the strategy was
correct, but it is a decision that shouldn’t have had that
take if hubi
thatmos rated mejor”.

to help alleviate the deficit of performance of the car, the
team hopes to be able to update the thruster unit in Canada, the
next Grand Prix. “Traeremos
in the thruster unit
but we don’t know yet if we will spend or not tokens.
We are
talking with the FIA to see what we do”
the Italian

riders also match to determine the problems of the
drive and analyze it with optimism, the reality of the situation. “I Think
this year, for the nature, the distances are a little more
small. I think that we are closer to”
, justifies a Sebastian Vettel who argues that in 2015 there were more distance between the
computers and, therefore, the vision of the situation is analyzed from
otherwise. “it Is easy to
explain: if the tenon on the Saturday, you have a better race. If
you have a better career, surely you are talking of a podium or,
in Barcelona, a victory,
what I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the pace of the car, I think
is there”

Räikkönen, on the point of look at


Kimi Räikkönen in front of your partner
team in the classification, although by only one point. Despite
greater equality of results, the finn is being
questioned and has the advantage of a smaller number of
woes regarding Vettel. However, Kimi defends. I Think
from my side, things have gone better. Obviously, this order of
week has been very bad
. We continue to work and even after
an end of a difficult week, we know that we can do so much better
the next race.
Until we are not first and second
on every weekend, we can’t be happy, but that is
our goal and hope I get there in a short time”
, said the portal The Finnish left after hitting the barriers at the hairpin-Loews.

“Obviously, this weekend has been very bad

For Räikkönen, the results only tell half of the
history and the team is better than in 2015 in all senses.
“people are saying that we do not do as well as the year
past. If you just look at the wins, then not, but that’s not
displays the actual image. I’m sure of that
we have a whole lot better than
in the past year
, but the other teams have improved and not
we are where we want to be. But this is part of the Formula 1,
we always want to improve, we want to be able to fight
for first place in each race”