Ferrari F12tdf and the video with the most badass Ferrari (but also the most fun thing you’ll see today)

I Am recalling for a moment the promotional videos of the latest releases from Ferrari. If there is something that can not be missing in a announcement of Ferrari are roaring, engines of eight and twelve cylinders with the cutting, maybe a background melody, by way of accompaniment. But, sincerely, I do not remember an official video of Ferrari in the fact that their sport places so much time crusaders, taking curves side, burning wheel. And that necessarily has to mean something. Without a doubt, the Ferrari F12tdf is a machine very special.

The Ferrari F12tdf is the last Ferrari “to the old-fashioned way”.

Ferrari has already been presented in society to his new Ferrari F12tdf. We’ve already been with him, to tell you the 5 hidden keys after the last great Ferrari. We know that the F12tdf will be the last great sporting era. The engines, twelve cylinders have the days counted, at least those of nature and atmospheric without some sort of hibración.

Remember that we are talking about a sport of 780 HP and limited to 799 units. Ferrari has a serious problem with the speculation, you want your sport to be something more than mere pieces of collector, or the currency speculators. Probably this video is the best proof of what Ferrari wants to make their customers with their sports.

Although Ferrari we talk of the maximum innovation in a street sports car, aerodynamics, performance, engineering to lead to the engine’s maximum power up to 780 HP, has chosen the way more badass to submit it to us: by drifting. Something for which you do not even need this much power, or much technology, or both style. In any case, how can it be bitter sweet?

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