Ferrari F16X: how An SUV at Ferrari following the steps of the Porsche Cayenne?


Recreation of a version of crossover with a base GTC4Lusso.

Generally we tend not to echo rumors without foundation in this draft, regardless of how juicy it may be to the holder. If not there is basis or not a report is credible that proves that the information is not likely to finish reading in But on this occasion, despite the fact that the news seems to be the umpteenth version of the same rumor that has spent years going through the network, unfortunately, seems to be that the information confirms, Ferrari designing an SUV and will hit the market in 2021.

The information comes to us from Great Britain, the cradle of the yellow press of the motor, however, for the data published in the July issue of the journal Car Magazine, it seems that the information is not coming from anonymous and unknown sources, but rather of the own Ferrari.

Naming internal sources of the company, the british publication ensures that at the heart of Maranello is already active in a project called F16X that aims to give life to a version of crossover that will be integrated into the range of the successor of the GTC4Lusso. A model we already talked about that the hard way a few months ago, when it was discovered that the version GTC4Lusso T, the first version of access available in all dealerships of the brand at an international level in the 70 years of history of the Italian brand, had never before created a smaller version, or basic of an already existing model.


Vision of X-Tomi of a Ferrari FF crossover.

According to Car Magazine, the same sources, Ferrari ensure that there will be a SUV, but by the descriptions, pointing to the English publication, we can expect a model based on the successor to the GTC4Lusso, with a mechanics that could be a twin-turbo V8 or even a hybrid engine, all-wheel drive and suspension elevated and what is more striking, with body of a 5-door, being the rear-opening suicide.

Never, in the entire history of the brand, there has been a signature model from Maranello that had two doors on the side, the only time that came close to this situation was with the prototype Pininfarina Pinin, a stylish 4-door sedan based on the Ferrari 400 GT was created by the coachbuilder from turin to celebrate the 50 years of collaboration with Ferrari, which finally was not made, despite the fact that Pininfarina and Ferrari discussed their transition to production.

Of completion of the report from Car Magazine and get the project F16X finally to the dealers, Ferrari will also be giving a new stroke of rudder, and not just by be entered in the segment SUV/crossover, but because it would be the first time that the Italian brand follows the trends of the market and adheres to a segment as such, in addition to responding with a new model to its purported competitors.


A Ferrari FF brutalized until the end.

Until now, Ferrari has always played his own game, in their own division. The rest of the market followed or not, but Ferrari has never launched products to a particular segment or to compete with any direct competitor. And this is something that you have vanagloriado the Maranello for decades.

To launch this crossover not only would be doing it for the first time, but would be effective at the end of revenge of Ferruccio Lamborghini, to get that Ferrari you were to continue to the Lamborghini and give reply to the SantAgata Bolognese, that would be advanced with their upcoming Urus SUV.