Ferrari F40: its manufacturing process in video


Ferrari F40, unit belonging to the family Conolly.

In 2017 have been met nothing less than 30 years from the birth of one of the models most charismatic of the Italian brand, the Ferrari F40. For history remains the last model requested by the own Enzo Ferrari, they asked their engineers, the Ferrari final and became its own right in the sport more eye-catching of your time.

For years it was the model to follow. The production model more expensive, powerful and faster of the market (the latter is debatable, but nobody seems to care) and it soon became the yardstick by which is measured the rest of the industry. Three decades later, it is already one of the icons of the company.

In this gorgeous video that we’ve encountered in the network we can get closer to his true birthplace, the production line where they assemble all the F40. We do not know to specify the specific date of the recording, but it was obviously some time between 1987 and 1992, the years it was in production the model, probably shortly after you boot up your manufacturing.


One of Ferrari’s most legendary, almost from its birth.

In this essential graphic document, not only can we get closer to the archaic craft processes with which it was manufactured the F40, which in fact, are identical to those of the rest of the range Italian back then, but we can probe the interior of the legendary sports.

One of the most intriguing aspects is its simple tubular frame, which we can see at the beginning of the video and that Gordon Murray commented at the end of the eighties which was a rack archaic, tildandolo of technology of the fifties flexionaba in excess in the curves.

What is certain is that it is surprising to see the simplicity of the same, since there are very few tubes and very thin. The whole area front and back are separate elements and the chassis involves only the central core. Next to the, highlights the enormity of the complex formed engine and transmission, which occupy the entire rear area.


X-ray of one of the prototypes of the original F40, slightly different to the final model.

The video quality is pretty bad, probably because it was done
with home technology of the time, and even skipped several important parts, as the casting of the blocks or the assembly starting of the motors. But even so, this is a document of
great value
, that brings us to one of the most important aspects of the
sports and that there are very few documents available graphics