Ferrari finally will have an SUV

Ensure that the first SUV of Ferrari we know of here in four years. Will use a V8 engine bi-turbo and four-wheel drive.

Hace a little over a year Sergio Marchionne informed the press that to see a Ferrari SUV in the streets first, someone should shoot him. Well, it seems that someone has shot Marchionne, or we are once again facing one of those fake news that usually come from the media engine british.

On this occasion are the guys from Car who confirm the launch of the first SUV of Ferrari, a crossover which of course would loaded of power and exclusivity, as any other car of the brand of the prancing horse. It is a model, which according to the same source would along with the generational change of the current GTC4Lusso, something that will not occur until 2021.

according to the first information, the first crossover of Ferrari leads the denomination F16X and will be associated with a V8 engine bi-turbo and there will even be a hybrid version plug-in. Your body sedan, five-door and ensure that the rear doors will be opening suicide, while you will have a system of four-wheel drive and suspensions sobrelevadas.

For more to the idea to generate rejection, of course, from the commercial point of view has a lot of logic, after all it is something that Porsche has worked very well with the Cayenne and then with the Macan, Lamborghini is headed in the same direction with the Urus, and Aston Martin does the same with the DBX.

The british publication ensures that the information comes from a source internal of the firm of Maranello and that the crossover Ferrari will be a reality in about four years. we do Not believe you.