Ferrari FXX K, the LaFerrari with 1050 horses is here

ferrari fxx k 5 Ferrari FXX K, el LaFerrari con 1050 caballos ya está aquí Ferrari FXX K . Stay with this name because now corresponds to the most extreme sports model and brand of the Prancing Horse. We were all waiting for sportier, more radical version of LaFerrari model representation of the mark, and finally, is already among us. Maintains mechanical hybrid but taken to a new level, just as in aesthetics and technical solutions is a highly evolved car. If you’re still mulling over K, this comes from KERS.

This model will most coveted within Ferrari. Will be provided over the next two years to choicest brand customer although the price and units to be produced is unknown. Figures in this Ferrari FXX K are stunning. 1050 horsepower and 900 Nm of torque certainly not leave you indifferent. The V12 gasoline engine 6.2-liter produces 860 horses itself, to which must be added the electric motor 190.

ferrari fxx k 1 Ferrari FXX K, el LaFerrari con 1050 caballos ya está aquí To achieve this increase in power V12 engine has undergone some modifications . Thus, new camshafts mounted with mechanical tappets instead of water. Admission has been redesigned and its interior has been refined to ensure perfect air flow. The exhaust has also been modified and now has no mufflers. It is less restrictive, improves the evacuation of gases and stop hearing all out in their thousands galloping horse.

And speaking of K, undisputed star of this model, the energy recovery system or KERS has been developed offering different modes. The first of the four is Qualify which exploits the maximum benefits for short trips or few laps followed is Long Run, designed to optimize energy over a longer competition. Manual Boost mode is manually operated for an extra kick while the fourth and final mode is Fast Charge, allowing faster recharge the batteries.

ferrari-fxx-k-3 Of course, the aerodynamics of the Ferrari FXX K is optimized to the maximum and its imposing appearance is no accident . On the front we find a double and 30mm lower splitter. This front with flaps optimize the aerodynamic flow underneath the car, which is aided by pressure from the top thereof, where striking the rear wing party. There is also a drop-down rear spoiler. The rear diffuser bestial this joint effort so studied. With all these improvements include a downforce is achieved up to 50% higher.

All this display ends with a Pirelli slicks with sensors measuring forces longitudinal, lateral and radial, in addition to temperature and pressure. Thus, the traction control can work optimally. Systems such as electronic differential, traction control or ABS offer various settings, selectable by the driver from the steering wheel.

ferrari-fxx-k-4 Inside the level of refinement is not the same as a LaFerrari. The steering wheel is similar, but with more controls and there is a center console with various control oriented towards the driver. Everything superfluous has been removed and has been replaced by panels carbon fiber lighter. The seats already sporting give way to a genuine racing buckets.

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