Ferrari GTC4Lusso T, the version of access that Maranello does not want to acknowledge


Ferrari GTC4Lusso T, V8 3.9 liters and 610 HP.

Ferrari presented officially at the Paris Salon of 2016 the new GTC4Lusso T, the new variant of Gran Turismo 4-seater of the brand of Maranello, which as a novelty replaces the V12 engine of 6.3 litres and 690 HP for a new supercharged V8 3.9 liters and 610 HP, while also removing the awd system premiered with the FF for the traditional rear-wheel drive.

In its presentation, Ferrari defined the GTC4Lusso T as “the first V8 four-seat”, which, taking a look at the complete history of the brand is not true at all. Since it is not only the first Ferrari V8 to 4 seats, but that’s not even the second.

The Ferrari GTC4Lusso T can be ranked as the first in many aspects, although not in the expected, and less in add to the condition of 4 squares and mechanical V8.


Ferrari Mondial t, V8 3.4-liter 300 HP and 4 seats.

Describe it as the Ferrari’s first V8 four-seat is wrong for the simple reason that between 1973 and 1993 Ferrari marketed continuously models with 4 seats and engines of eight cylinders. We talk about the Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 -initially born as Dino 308 GT4 – and the saga Mondial of production.

The Dino 308 GT4 was born in the mid-seventies to, in conjunction with the 308 GTB, happen to the 246 GT without being related to the line Gran Turismo 2+2 brand. At that time, represented by the 365 GT4 2+2, 1972, a true Grand touring 4-seater, with a V12 engine front that shared space in the dealers with the last model that was taught by Dino.

The Mondial also shared range with the 400i GT and 412 > , the successors of the 365 GT4. Related to range 308 GTB/GTS, the Mondial had 3 evolutions between 1980 and 1993, disappearing from the market without a royal successor, as in 1992 there appeared 456 GT, which actually happened at the now defunct 412 GT, becoming the dessert in the one alternative of 4 places brand.


Ferrari Dino 308 GT4, the first V8 4-seater of the brand.

so the Dino 308 GT4 as the Mondial represented the sports betting of the Italian brand to the segment 2+2, offering a very rare product in the market. A sporty mid-engine and rear four-seater.

These models were fitted in the V8 range of the Italian manufacturer, traditionally structured in two product lines, models V8 and V12. And saving a few exceptions, such as the supercars, limited edition -read 288 GTO and F40 – models a and another line were strongly differentiated.

so in that aspect, the new GTC4Lusso T yes that is the first. Since this is the first time that a model of one of these product lines, in this case the models V12, employs a mechanical on the other line, the supercharged V8 that can be found in the California T.


Ferrari GTC4Lusso T, the first Ferrari GT V8 engine and also turbo.

In the same way, it is also the first Gran Turismo and the first 2+2 from the brand in with the supercharged engine, which is what we think that Ferrari aimed to express really, because until now, the only models that were equipped with a mechanism of this type were sports, such as 288 GTO and F40 mentioned above, and the California T and 488 GTB’s most recently.

on the other hand, the GTC4Lusso T implies a preceding single in the already near 70 years of the brand, since it is the first time in its history that Ferrari launches at the global level a minor version an already existing model.

Until the arrival of this, Ferrari had only offered two types of versions of their products. Or more radical alternatives, or sports, as may be the recent F12 tdf, 458 Speciale or 430 Scuderia, or the well-known limited editions, character is always more exclusive, as could be the 612 Scaglietti Sessanta or the F60 America.


The 458 Speciale was most similar to a version that we could find in the range.

Never before Ferrari had established in the dealerships of all the markets an alternative smaller or less powerful of an existing model.

With the exception of the 208 GT4 and 208 GTB/GTS. These models were born with a single purpose, to be able to be type-approved in Italy with a mechanical less than 2.0 litres, since the tax burden recorded a lot of the models of displacements higher. So these, barely distinguishable from the original models of 3.0-liter, had an anemic mechanics of smaller displacement and power derived from the V8 of 3.0 liters which bore originally, one of the V8 smaller of the story.

In the case of the 208 GTB/GTS, soon received a new mechanical turboalimentada, pushing up the power to 220 HP 155 HP original.


The saga 308, it had a displacement decreased to 2.0 liters for Italy.

These versions were a rarity, extreme within the brand, created almost by obligation and for a market and a time very specific. Outside of Italy, practically were not broadcast, since the brand only created for the domestic market, although anecdotally also came to some other market.

so that the same is not the case, nor can we take it as antecedent to the GTC4Lusso T, as this has been created to provide a second alternative to the customers, trying to expand the target commercial. Until their arrival, it was not possible to choose between a mechanical when you go to buy a model of the Italian brand, as yes, they can make the clients of Bentley, they have to decide between the V8 and the W12 to order a Continental GT.

Ferrari had always been unique in that aspect, their names were associated to a single mechanical, since for Enzo Ferrari, his cars were all motor, “the rest would of gift.” And so you could only choose between the variants coupe and convertible, or decantarte by the variant most sports if any.


Marchionne, the new helmsman of the new Ferrari.

that Is why the GTC4Lusso T is also the first Ferrari Marchionne, the first model of the new Ferrari. A brand that no longer work in function of its unique legacy and unmatched, or on the basis of their strong tradition, but simply to maximize profits and employ marketing strategies like any other company. Even forget their own history when presenting a new work.