Ferrari hopes to give war to Mercedes in the qualifying session


The difference between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel was almost a tenth and a half. Scuderia Ferrari looks to be closer to those of Brackley in Austria, but Mercedes always put an extra power for the qualifying session.

“Baku was an exception in many ways, for example, in the classification we don’t it was good”, ” said the German. “we were Not badly positioned, but the gap to Mercedes was too large. I felt so confident and comfortable as it should, but Sunday worked out better. Normally, Sunday is going well; here I have not yet very clear how you will get everything, but it seems that we are close to”. In the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan, Hamilton led with total solvency, and would have won the race quietly that they have not had that incident with the headrest.

The two Ferrari drivers expect be in the battle for the first positions, while Vettel admits that “Mercedes is the favourite; seemed very fast today every time I went out to the track, we’ll see what happens tomorrow”. One of the shortest circuits on the calendar will give them the opportunity to verify the performance difference that exists between both teams, a bit more acurada.

Mercedes is the favorite

“we Understood what happened in Azerbaijan, but Austria is another story”.Runway excursions have been a continuous today, Friday, and most of the members of the grill have tested the loopholes. The SF70H treated the tires better than the W08, and this could be decisive here. The temperature of the asphalt is especially high, the tires are different, and it seems that the get well in temperature, although there is a big difference between compounds. It is only Friday, it is difficult to judge, but the car is behaving really well during the entire lap”.


Iceman could only be sixth in both sessions of Friday’s free.

On the other side of the box, Kimi Räikkönen was unable to give a good lap, which ensures that you have work to do tomorrow”. In the second free practice session, the finn noted that some photographers were too close to the cars, and let out his usual take away those photographers in the middle” radio.