Ferrari it seems, but it is not: arrested in Ferrol for the sale of a replica of the Ferrari F50, with the engine VR6 and 260 HP

What you see above is one of the Ferrari F50. The images you’ll see below, no. The business of the production of replicas is not new, nor much less. Nor is the creation of replicas of Ferrari. Without going any further, there are models which, by their configuration, have become the perfect base of tributes, or fakes – you name it – trying to resemble a sports popularity. Usually they are replicas, which naturally did not deceive anyone, as the famous 360 Modena based on the Peugeot 406 Coupe or the Toyota MR2. In any case, that has not deceit, it does not prevent the existence of the crime against industrial property. That was what led precisely to the fact that the Guardia Civil have arrested two people for making the sale a fake Ferrari F50.

it would Be a replica, with an engine VR6 in a central position, and 260 HP.

This is what would have happened in this case. According to La Voz de Galicia, the Civil Guard is found with an ad on the internet of what it was touted as a “replica Ferrari F50, with central engine, rear-wheel drive, engine VR6, and very similar to the real model. The car – of which the model in question is unknown to us – is from 2009, it has 48.000 miles and 260 HP of power. The base of the unknown, but we imagine that the engine was inherited from a Volkswagen Golf R32. Announced for 24.000€.

Recall that in 2013 and were held responsible for two workshops that are engaged in making replicas of Ferrari.


Both the owner, as the manager of the dealership in that offered, have been arrested.

After meeting with the ad, the Civil Guard started their investigations, and contacted the representatives of Ferrari in Spain. Were these, that the move to contemplate the car and realizing it was a replica, filed a complaint for an offence against industrial property.

As a result of the operation carried out by the Guardia Civil would have been arrested its owner, and the manager of the dealership in which it was, in the area of the estuary of Ferrol.

According to the first investigations, it seems that this car would have been manufactured in Poland, and later to have been transferred to Spain. In the meantime, this replica rests now in the repository of the Guardia Civil in Coruna.

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