Ferrari J50: Aesthetics targa for the V8 most powerful brand limited edition


Based on the 488 Spider.

Ferrari Ferrari has unveiled in Japan the new J50, a new limited edition created to commemorate the 50 years of the presence of the Italian brand in the asian country. Revealed during an event at the National Art Center, Tokyo, the new J50 will be manufactured in a strict limited series, which will be composed of only 10 copies.

The new J50 is based on the 488 Spider, although it has a version specially modified V8 3.9 liter, twin-turbo, in the J50 delivery up to 690 HP, 20 more than the model of the regular series, which makes the model V8 most powerful in the history of the brand. On the rest of the technical section the brand has not revealed any information, but we understand that it will keep the same specifications of the model donor.

the real novelty of The J50 is to be found in the new design of your body, that blurs completely the original model, with a body much more sharp and attractive, now has aesthetics targa, variant, which disappeared from the range V8 with the F355 GTS in 1999. Instead of soft-top, the J50 resort to a hard cover made in carbon fiber.


First Ferrari targa of the TWENTY-first century.

on A visual level, family 488 is barely anything. From the sharp front, which now appears with a snout that reminds us of the Pininfarina Sergio, with a huge lower lip, up to the sculpted behind, that seems to have a few optical groups very similar to those used in the GTC4Lusso, the new J50 has a body that is totally new, panel to panel.

This has been prepared by Department of Special Projects of the brand and has been designed by the team of the Ferrari Styling Center in Maranello. As all the specimens prepared by this department, each of the 10 units will be manufactured and customized to the taste of each one of the lucky customers. The issue that has been presented in Japan has a custom finish of red paint triple layer and a black interior with red color accents.

One of the winks to the past of the brand can be found in the marked black line style that was born in the front and travels through part of the side model, used in the same way that we could find in the 288 GTO, F40 and F50.


will Only be made 10 copies.

The dashboard is the only thing that reminds us of the 488 Spider, since it has the same dashboard and controls satellites, as well as the steering wheel. The cabin is clad in a combination of natural leather and Alcantara.