Ferrari J50: The detail in your first video


Time of the presentation of the model.

This week, Ferrari are we surprised with the presentation of the new J50, a special edition based on the current 488 Spider that will be manufactured in strictly limited production to just 10 copies. The reason was no other than to celebrate the half-century presence of the Italian brand in Japan. Hence the name, Japan 50.

Ferrari was limited only to show us a few official images of the model, which was presented at a ceremony held at the National Art Center, Tokyo. And now, we already have a video of those moments, when it was unveiled in spectacular sports, being able to get a little more to its aggressive new design.

All the copies are already sold, as is usual in these cases, for a price that has not been published by the time. But as claimed by the brand, each one of them will have a custom finish to suit the client.


the rear of The model and its attractiveness pilots circular.

The model has the mechanical platform of the 488 Spider, although the mechanical has been optimized and now boasts 690 horsepower, which makes the V8 more powerful of the history of the firm, exceeding by 20 horses to the range 488 and 80 to GTC4Lusso T.

One of the details which he pointed out the mark in his note of presentation was that they had taken different traits from other models for the creation of the lines of the J50, using as an example the line in the bas-relief of horizontal color black that begins at the snout and runs through a great part of the side, taken from designs like the F40. In the video we can see how that line is interrupted by a LED optical systems that serve as the daytime running lights.

Other details that we had not been able to see so far is behind in his set, as the images of the mark we were in an oblique manner, may be seen the double optical circular on. Another thing very striking is the aggressive fold that found in the door, which form the channel that flows into the air inlet side.


In the profile of the door starts the channel from the air inlet side.

likewise, we can attend to the explanation of the own Andrea Militello,
responsible for the design team of the J50, while I chatted with one of
the guests at the event, analysing the different lines and solutions
taken in the sporty two-seater.