Ferrari Land already has official date of opening

Ferrari Land

The Ferrari Land to open in Spain on April 7, 2017.

So it is, we already have official date of opening for the Ferrari Land of Spain. Hurry and mark your calendar on the April 7, 2017, the date on which this theme park dedicated to the brand of the Prancing horse opens the doors to its first visitors. A recite with 60,000 square feet and will offer all sorts of emotions to the fans of Ferrari who there congregate.

Giovanni Cavalli, General Manager Commercial of PortAventura World, has been who has confirmed the official date of opening of Ferrari Land. In addition, he notes that, with its openness, PortAventura World to become one of the main references world theme parks, with a total of three parks in a single resort. Something very unusual.

Remember that it will be the first theme of Ferrari, because in Abu Dhabi, and beyond by the year 2010 opened its doors the Ferrari World. In the case of the Ferrari Land, will feature exciting attractions aimed primarily at families and to all the fans of the brand. The idea is that these attractions can transmit the same load of adrenaline it lives to drive any of the supercars of the Italian firm.

Ferrari Land

Ferrari Land is a theme park focused exclusively on the brand of the “Prancing horse”.

For the construction of the Ferrari Land in PortAventura, has had to deal with an investment of over 100 million euros. An investment that you will soon receive a “return” due to the large amount of fans (both Spanish and foreign) that will attract this theme park.

Without a doubt, Ferrari Land ranks as one of the maximum exponents of the value of the “image of Ferrari”, a brand that goes far beyond the simple fact of manufacture and market supercars. And is that Ferrari is able to exploit their brand through merchandising and much more to levels unattainable by other manufacturers. Obviously, this theme park is a proof of it.

at the moment there is not much information about the attractions that will be present in Ferrari Land, even though we know that the cornerstone of the park will be the “throttle vertical” as well as the racing circuit family. All this will be seasoned with numerous stalls in which to buy all kinds of merchandising of the brand as well as places in which to eat and dine with family and/or friends.