Ferrari lost the rights to the name Testarossa


Ferrari Testarossa.

The Italian company has lost the rights on the name Testarossa, which gave its name to the famous sports of the mid-decade of the eighties. This has taken place in Germany, following the decision of a court of the city of Düsseldorf, in a lawsuit against the toy manufacturer Autec AG.

According to the reports of the German media, the court decided that Ferrari had not used the name enough in the last few years as to protect it, since the brand has not used at commercial level for years. Although the firm of Maranello argued that it employs and that should be protected, because the company currently is responsible for maintenance of customer vehicles, the Ferrari Testarossa and 512 TR, manufactured between 1984 and 1996.

After the trial, the toy manufacturer, who claimed that the denomination has not been used enough, to use the name in other types of products, such as razors or electric bikes. In theory, Ferrari can still appeal this decision before the German courts, but did not know the intention of the company in this regard.


Replaced by the Ferrari 512 TR in the nineties.

The name Testarossa was born as a derivative of the original expression Testa Rossa, the name of the 250 Testa Rossa or TR of 1957, which was nicknamed so by their butts red. In the eighties Ferrari decided to use that denomination, but on this occasion, united in a single word, in the Great Tourism which gave the succession to the BB512i.

The Ferrari Testarossa, alongside other models such as the F40, it is one of the models most iconic brand of the past 40 years. Her spectacular figure was, and remains, unique. Without spoilers of any kind, Leonardo Fioravanti spearheaded the team of designers from Pininfarina to draw a body that in itself was a spoiler, with the bulky side forming a wedge towards the rear, with the huge air inlets with horizontal louvres type radiator, one of the design motifs most copied of the time, and mistakenly attributed to this model, when really Pininfarina already had been used in other models that Ferrari previously, although on a smaller scale. With the Testarossa simply the draw of larger size. After its launch, the image of the model, went viral, despite the fact that that term is not used in that time, and it is to this day an icon of the decade.

he Rode a 12-cylinder level of 4.9 liters delivering 394 horsepower (390 hp), one of the figures of power one of the highest era, second only to the Lamborghini Countach 5000 Quatrovalvole of 420 HP released a year later, precisely in order to overcome the power of the Testarossa of 1984.