Ferrari meets 70 springs stronger than ever

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to Be one of the brands of cars most envied and sought-after over the years is something that few law firms can be vanagloriar. The 12 of march in the year 1947 came the first Ferrari the small workshop that had Enzo Ferrari in the Italian town of Maranello. From that moment on, the passionate to the world of the four wheels have dreamed of being able to drive or have one of his cars because his aura of sportiness and exclusivity has not been surpassed by any other brand rival.

This first model was neither more nor less than a Ferrari 125S and was moved by a petrol engine configuration V12 with 1.5 liters camshaft and camshaft in head. Its power output was 120 hp and came from three Weber carburetors double body. This mechanical setup would be perpetuated for years in the models of the Italian house, as Enzo Ferrari the preferred over others.

The first model assembled by Ferrari, the 125S, only built two units and sadly none of the two is among us. However, thanks to new technologies, we have an exact copy of the first 125S, because Ferrari has been manufactured following the original plans. This model is currently in the museum of the brand but the responsible of communication of the brand have decided to make act of presence in the video that have been made to celebrate the 70th birthday of the firm.

, To show the world that Ferrari is the best ever, the Italian house has decided to make a video that gives an overview of its deep history. “70 years of emotions” the title that the brand has given this tribute video. The main actor of this production is the new LaFerrari Aperta and as not, the car that gave a start to this race, the 125S. Take a eye because not all brands meet 70 years of age with the history that is the house of the Prancing horse behind him.

For another 70 years, at least. Congratulations!!!

Source – Ferrari

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