Ferrari meets today its 70th anniversary


Ferrari 125 S out of the factory in Maranello.

Seven decades separate the two photographs above. In the one that heads these lines we find one of the first pictures of the Ferrari 125 S, officially the first model that carried the name of Enzo Ferrari, and the more recent meets to the only copy existing of the model with the recent LaFerrari Aperta.

Today we do not intend to tell the long history of the brand, nor even to summarize it, as it is well known by all, fans or not. A child with aspirations to be an opera singer was captivated by the magic of the sports competition, in those early years of the industry, and ended up becoming one of the most relevant people and remembered their time. And his work, continues to be the absolute reference between the manufacturers vehicle sporting.

Enzo Ferrari, named Commendatore in the twenties, and among many other distinctions, was also called “il Drake” or “il Grande Vecchio”. No possessed studies as such, but also referred to as “the engineer” and the press came to call Saturn in a derogatory manner, as the roman god who devoured his children, given the propensity that had their pilots to die.


Enzo Ferrari next to a 330 GT Series I, recognizable by their double headlight.

The however was defined to itself as a mere “stirrer of souls”, which fits perfectly with the way in which it described those who came to treat. It was Enzo who impelled them, and his closest collaborators either achieved the highest or if not stand the pressure, were launched and exploded. were Not few those who had fled disgusted from Maranello because of Enzo.

such Was the devotion for your brand and the competition that lived secluded in the factory, and spent the race glued to the phone, pending all the news and events that reached the circuit. The reason was that I could not bear to see the races, could not bear to see their vehicles break down or accidentarse. For the, cars and drivers were their children, and I couldn’t bear to see that ever happened to them something bad.

Although the first real project of Enzo was not the Ferrari that we know today, but the company Auto Avio Costruzioni, the story has been relegated to his true first vehicle, a simple anecdote to the foot of the page. That is the reason for that is today and not another day, which is celebrated on the anniversary of the brand, when its first model saw the light.


X-ray of the 125 S.

The Ferrari 125 S was a model of competition, created only for one thing, to win races. That was the first and only intention of Enzo and not the vehicle registration. That was something that was secondary that he had no choice but to do, as competition is not exactly cheap.

The 125 S had a V12 engine, only because it was the express wish of Enzo, I adored that configuration, and was developed by Gioacchino Colombo, Luigi Bazzi, and Giuseppe Busso. This first block is called the Colombo V12, and was the germ, and the schema that was used for many years in Maranello, overcoming in multiple races and categories. With only 1.5 liters, this model has already premiered the nomenclature usual of the brand, using the front unit of the engine, in this case, 125 c. c.

The 125 S is not any exemplary survivor, so just made 2 copies and one of them was lost in an accident. The other rack was used for the manufacture of a 166 Spyder Corsa – not without controversy – that has survived until today. The color images correspond to a replica made by the brand itself, using the original plans of the era. This can be found in the museum of the brand, in Maranello.


current Replica of the 125-S.

The 125 S debuted in competition the 11 of may and 2 weeks later achieved the first victory for the brand, in the Great Prize of Rome. Finally, he won 6 of the 14 races in which they participated.

Today, 70 years later, Ferrari is the racing team of Formula 1’s most successful, with 15 titles of drivers ‘ and 16 Constructors, and their vehicles have been obtained 9 wins absolute at Le Mans, in addition to multiple wins and multiple titles in the now defunct World Sportscar Championship, the predecessor of what we know today as the WEC.

Enzo Ferrari disappeared in August of 1988, and by his express wish, were not informed of his death until two days later. Due to a storm, his father took just two days to register his birth, so that il Commendatore wanted to charge those two days of life your way. So was Enzo, everything had to bend to its wishes, including the death.


The special editions of Maranello.

The factory in Maranello has prepared for this year a long series of events and special editions to commemorate this outstanding date, although surely, none of them would be welcomed by Enzo, that the only language that he understood was the victory.