Ferrari might change to a retro décor your F1 2016

Boceto del color del F1 de FerrariLa Repubblica, the Italian newspaper, has brought to light a rough sketch of what that might be the new decoration of the Project 667 Ferrari. Other media have echoed this change of design that you might return to Ferrari decoration retro with the white on its body as the mythical 312T of Niki Lauda that made them champions in 1975. This aesthetic change is remarkable compared to its predecessors would be a symbol of the changes suffered in Maranello in recent times.

The managers of the Italian company aim high, claiming that it is possible to aspire to victory in Australia, but Vettel wanted to be more humble and say that it is still soon to tell. Some imply they could be on par with Mercedes, others believe that Mercedes still has room for improvement and that their superiority demonstrated in these years will continue to display in 2016. Until the start of the championship we will not know, although we get a slight idea on the test in Barcelona that begins in a few days…

Predominio del blanco y el rojo en el Ferrari Projecto 667in Addition, it has been known that on the 21st day of Maranello have booked the Barcelona circuit to do a filming day, bad the presentation of the new McLaren MP4-31 that they wanted to present it that same day in the circuit Spanish. Haas and Mercedes also will debut a few days before the start of the season on February 22 with the first test of 2016. The permission got from the FIA for the Italian to perform on the day of filming, duff the event of McLaren.

The team of Alonso we will have to find an alternative, as they were the first to send material to the circuit and wanted to take advantage of his presence to present your car there. To be closed only for Ferrari, McLaren will be the online presentation on the 21st. Now we just wait, we are all anxious to see the new cars, regardless of color, and from ActualidadMotor we will doing a technical analysis of each car as it exits the light.