Ferrari offered to collaborate in a reciprocating engine set


Photo: Ferrari

FIA intended that the manufacturers reduce the price of their power units for the rest of the computers can access them without compromising economically their presence in Formula 1. Motorists have until Friday of this week to present a series of proposals that help solve the problem, especially measures related to the costs. However, they are not for the work, and think of other options, such as the creation of alternative engines. So said the president of Ferrari, Sergio Marchionne, in the words collected by Autosport: “it is Not appropriate to change the rules and we impose an obligation on us or Mercedes. Both them and us costs us a lot of money, and it seems that only wins Ecclestone, so that those who manage the commercial rights must assume their responsibility”.

Marchionne said that the Cavallino are willing to collaborate in the creation of a separate engine manufacturing jointly between several brands: “Ferrari is available to join a project in which we could develop units of power. Also we would share our technology, but we must not be the only ones. Development commitments must be shared with the other computers that have power units and of course that has to be done in economic terms acceptable”. This type of power unit would be within the reach of the other teams and would allow the builders to continue using the same resources that until now, and not to reduce your investment as intended by the governing body of motorsport.

however, the economic burden, in the proposed Marchionne, should fall upon the FOM: “If you go to Mercedes and tell them to leave a group of engineers to develop a parallel mode, a different engine, different team Mercedes, consistent with the standards of the Formula 1 and that cost a proper amount of money, then I think that the FOM should cover that amount”. Will have to see if the FIA accepts this new proposal, or if you keep your idea that the solution to pass through the cost reduction on the part of Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault and Honda, the current manufacturers.