Ferrari offers to help Red Bull, but not your engine


Photo: Red Bull

Sergio Marchionne, in the words collected by Motorsport, retierĂ³ during the Ferrari Purposes Mondiale in Mugello you are still interested in a technical collaboration that enables Red Bull to stay in Formula 1. The Cavallino and the energy drinks have already made several attempts to reach an agreement, but since the austrian team is seeking equal treatment of the Scuderia, something that does not match. Marchionne does not close the door to Milton Keynes, but does not offer the same engines that go to the cars of Vettel and Raikkonen: “I keep reaffirming that the possibility of collaborating with Red Bull in relation to the development of the power unit remains a valid option. But it will not be in a context in which Ferrari give Red Bull the same engine used by the Scuderia in the races“.

What the president of the Maranello proposes is to help tetracampeones can manufacture a power unit alternative: “Our company is available to provide Red Bull engineering services and production of an engine in a separate project, where Ferrari can commit to provide you all the best of himself in terms of engineering and give Red Bull and other brands the opportunity to have these engines. But can not carry the same propellant that we”. as Well as, Ferrari, which has provided engines for 2015 at Toro Rosso, is intended to an association with the signature Red Bull to solve the critical situation in which found both teams a little more than three months of the season 2016.

Marchionne admitted that he has spoken with Dietrich Mateschitz, owner of Red Bull, and with the advisor Helmut Marko and, and have been presented with your proposal: “I told this to Mateschitz and also to Marko. My dream is not to defeat Mercedes. My dream is to do what Ferrari is capable of doing. Share the things ensenciales is part of our DNA, but to create what would be a competition dummy is a nonsense. Ferrari is able to put their engineering skills at the disposal of others.”. The options for Red Bull, with McLaren vetando his union with Honda, now go through an agreement with Renault or to accept the conditions proposed Ferrari.