Ferrari opens the doors to its entry in Formula E


The list of manufacturers present in the Formula And grows exponentially. either with their own equipment, as technological partners of private equipment, or forming part of the providers of the common elements of the cars, are becoming more and more the brands that have made a hole in the competition power of the FIA. Mercedes-Benz is the latest addition to this list to reserve a seat for the season 2018-19 and is now Ferrari has shown its interest in the Formula E. At least, this has been recognized Sergio Marchionne in a statement to ‘Autosport’.

After revealing the third-quarter profit at the New York Stock exchange and in full hybridization of their total range of sporting street, the CEO of Ferrari has explained that the Formula E is on the radar of the firm of Maranello, and even has already been discussed as a possible landing in the category electric. Although this situation from Ferrari, there are two requirements, the use of a only single-seater and increased freedom technique: “If the Formula E requires that the people change of car during the race due to lack of energy, it is not something of interest to Ferrari”.

In line with this, Marchionne added: “In the second place, the standardization associated with the single-seater electric Formula E is something that goes against the philosophy Ferrari, because it prevents us to develop our own vehicle”. However, the Formula E has a chassis common Dallara and a set of batteries are also standard. Therefore, Marchionne clarifies: “If given this possibility, it would be within a few years. It is possible that Ferrari will develop in the future a unique set that makes the single-seater is only of Ferrari, but I know that we are not at that point“.