Ferrari remembers his creator in the anniversary of his death


Few stories are as exciting as the Enzo Ferrari
and his legendary Scuderia. But the myth, which began in the circuits
and racing the first half of the TWENTIETH century, ended up transferring
borders and took root in the world of sport’s most exclusive

the story.

on the occasion of the twenty-eighth anniversary of the death of
Enzo Ferrari, its President and his son Piero wanted to remember the
inspiration that even today Enzo causes in all and each one of the
corners of Maranello.

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“Enzo Ferrari wrote unforgettable pages about motors,
the sport and the passion that forever changed the world of
motorsport. For those who work at Ferrari, remains a
essential reference and we know that today would be the first
I would look to the future. Its principles and teachings are still
present and still are present, each day encourage us to measure ourselves against
new challenges, to innovate, to go against the tide
. His legacy is not a
union nostalgic with our history, but a stimulus to be
, said the Chairman of Ferrari, Sergio Marchionne.

His son Piero, current Vice president of the Italian company,
also wanted to express his gratitude for the demonstrations of affection that,
so many years later, we are still coming, in memory of his father.
After many years, I am moved by the messages in this
day, they come to me from all over the world
. It is nice to know that my father continues to
being loved and respected by many, but for me, the memories
most beautiful are those personal father and son”