Ferrari say goodbye definitively to the manual change


Ferrari gives a goodbye definitively to the manual changes. Michael Hugo Leiters, the Director of Technology of Ferrari, during the Paris Salon 2016 confessed to Motoring rule out a future return to offer a manual shift in their sports luxury. From now on only find double clutch transmissions in vehicles from Ferrari, contrary to what some of the manufacturers rivals.

Ferrari gives the excuse of the benefits, but the anecdotal sales of the manuals are also influenced

The excuse official is merely for performance. Transmissions double embregue offer higher performance and reduce the consumption, on the other hand his technique do the more resistant and effective at the time of transmitting huge amounts of power. In addition to the larger capacity of acceleration and fuel efficiency, customers prefer this type of transmission because it allows them to squeeze most of the capabilities of your sports without requiring as much knowledge and experience behind the wheel.


you’ll never see a Ferrari in a dealership

The manufacturer of sports it is very clear, a good automatic transmission of double clutch is much better in all aspects than a manual and although loath to admit it possess a reason. Manual changes in this class of vehicles only have a place in the garage of the owners purists. Paddles behind the wheel allow us to manage manually the gears of the transmission, but does not offer the same sensations behind the wheel that the third pedal and the play of wrist of our the other hand.

But although Ferrari is only talking about performance, what is certain is that these sports with manual change does not have a total sales figure large enough to continue to market them. It is clear that the market has also exerted its pressure passively, the client majority wants a car more fast, efficient and easy to drive and that gives it a change of double clutch.


The Ferrari California was the last to offer a manual gearbox as an option

The last model that offered a manual switching as an option was the Ferrari California and this setting only sold between three and five units in all the world. If we look closely at its rivals, Lamborghini some time ago that does offer manual shift in their sports and Porsche has only implemented in versions which are very specific, the 911 R and 911 GT3 to not disconnect with its own history and its customers more purists.