Ferrari to auction last LaFerrari to help the earthquake victims of Italy

As sure as you already know, an earthquake of 6.2 degrees on the Richter scale has hit the center of Italy just a few days ago. The balance of the earthquake are almost 250 deaths and extensive material damage, especially in populations as Amatrice. In a show of solidarity, many governments have sent financial aid, and others collaborated with media materials. Sergio Marchionne has announced that will build a latest LaFerrari and auctioned, delivering benefits to the victims of the earthquake.

Has occurred only 499 LaFerrari officially. Now, it will produce unit number 500.

The production of the LaFerrari ended long ago. Only 499 units were built, and currently Ferrari is manufacturing a range even more limited than the LaFerrari Aperta. Marchionne has announced that the LaFerrari number 500 will be produced soon. A unique vehicle with bodywork coupe, specified by Ferrari – not custom built, no client – with the goal of being auctioned off soon. There are No specific data about the date of manufacture.

laferrari-2016-0015it should Also be no mechanical change with respect to the rest of the Ferrari LaFerrari: will continue to have their 963 HP hybrid high-performance. Considering the price of a unit of second-hand in the secondary market, does not surprise me that your price exceeds with ease the 5 million euros. We have already seen similar prices with units production, so I don’t want to imagine the price of a special unit, which pujarán all that in his time they were not able to access one of the 499 units pre-production.

is Not the first time that Ferrari skips its own standards for producing a car additional. The Ferrari F40 extended its production beyond what was expected and there was an Enzo number 400 – the production was going to be only 399 units – for Pope John Paul I. the Ferrari Enzo was auctioned off after a time, becoming the Enzo the most expensive ever auctioned, at a price in excess of 6 million dollars.

Source: R&T