Ferrari, to change his story in the GP of Abu Dhabi


Photo: Ferrari

There are great rewards that, for whatever reason, are not given historically to some team or driver. It is the case of Abu Dhabi for Ferrari. In the six editions held there, the Scuderia does not know the victoria or has achieved a single pole. Got a fast lap (Alonso, 2013) and two podiums (Alonso, second in 2011 and 2012), but has seen how Red Bull, Lotus, McLaren and Mercedes harvested triumphs in the night of the urban circuit. In addition, in that place he lost the title in 2010, whose final run came Alonso with eight points more than Webber and fifteen more than Vettel, who took the crown. The German was a rival also in 2012 and had to start from the pit-lane, but reached the podium and the second place for Fernando was not enough to proclaim himself the then champion in Brazil.

This year, the expectations are different for Ferrari. He is completing a good season and they want to put the perfect finish on the Yas Marina. And, if it is a path where you don’t get great results, otherwise you happen to Sebastian Vettel, who is the driver in the most successful there (the one that has the most wins, most fastest laps, most podium finishes and shares the first position in pole positions to Hamilton). It will be the main asset of the Maranello. In addition, they have overcome throughout the season to Red Bull (the team with the best statistics in Abu Dhabi) and Williams (who last year achieved a double podium in this test). Both teams are your biggest rivals to accompany the Mercedes among the first three. Alberto Antonini, press officer of the team, expressed the desire of the italians: “we’re Going to Abu Dhabi with the willingness to seek the best possible result, taking into account that during the season we have pushed and we have moved on. Although the two titles have already been won by Mercedes, we will do everything possible to try to make happy our fans”.

Antonini knows the difficulties, but trust: “we Know that it will not be easy, given the strength of our opponents. There are long straight stretches, and a last sector that is particularly tortuous, and favours the mechanical traction”. When asked by the findings of 2015, he asks that you wait to the last test in which, moreover, are entirely focused: “The balance of the season will be done after the last race, because for us the competition is not over yet, but surely we can already say that we are very satisfied this year compared with the initial expectations. We have achieved three victories, the record for podiums in the first season in the team (managed by Sebastian) and Kimi is still in the fight for the fourth place in the championship”.