Ferrari, to their 70 years, and increases their value in the bag

Ferrari is one of the brands of cars that has more followers in the world. It is not strange, therefore its history, models, and aura that surrounds it are unique. Manufacturers, however, do not live in the air and Ferrari has had to fight for years to achieve financial stability that is going on in these moments. In fact, in its 70 years of stories has gone through some other crisis that has shaken its foundations.

Since it was acquired by the Group Fiat S. P. a., up to our days things have changed a lot. So great and profound has been that financial level is an independent firm of the Italian consortium, because for a year and a half he made his debut independently on the stock exchange. This was possible thanks to the creation of a Spin-Off of the own Ferrari out of the now Group Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA).

With this strategic move by Sergio Marchionne and the leaders of FCA sought to aerate the accounts of Ferrari and that its quotation on the Milan stock exchange to grow. This road will have you sitting luxury firm super sports because today the price of its shares is € 82. In fact, from the beginning of 2016 until the day of today, the value of the securities of Ferrari has almost doubled, as it began its journey with a quote of around 46 euros.

The growth stock of Ferrari has not been gradual, as it has been since it reached this year, when they have produced the greater increase. In January of this year the shares were in the 54 euros, compared to 43 the year 2016. The upward trend is more than positive and therefore the value of the company does not cease to increase at the pace that they do their actions.

that this increase in the value of its shares is to occur has had much to do with the sales and economic performance of Ferrari in the past year. Its profits grew by 60 percent, reaching 124 million and the sale of their models grew up to 2003 vehicles. If the numbers for 2017 are better (and is expected to be so) that in 2016, the increase in the price of the shares of Ferrari will continue so for a while more.

however, keep in mind that the price rising will not continue so for an indefinite time, and must touch the ceiling at some point. Will have to see the evolution of the market and the firm to know if it touches the ceiling and recovers to normal levels or if re-marking a new record of contribution to rise of the 15 billion euros worth today.

Source – Ferrari

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