Ferrari wants to Mick Schumacher


Two young pilots have called the attention of Ferrari. One of them, Antonio Giovinazzi, because he acts as reserve driver for the Formula 1 team. The other, Mick Schumacher, still resists to become part of the young driver program Maranello.

But the head of the Ferrari Driver Academy, Massimo Rivola, no doubt provide you with a site and you acknowledge that “Obviously we’re following it, and this year we will have the opportunity to be very close to Mick, because it will be team mate of Zhou, one of our pilots of the FDA, in the team Prema. About your future, I don’t know what Nick will decide to do. But if he would like to enter into the program of the FDA, you will find a red carpet” said clearly in an interview to the pages of the Gazzetta dello Sport.

Rivola believes that Mick is competent within and outside of the track and is proving to know how to handle the pressure of flawless manner. “Mick seems to be very polite and don’t be carried away by his last name, so congratulations to their parents, did a great job with him. It is very young and should handle a lot of pressure from the media, but is doing very well”, said Rivola about the son of the legendary Michael Schumacher.

Giovinazzi, a talent that deserves a chance

But the jewel of the program of Ferrari, today, is Antonio Giovinazzi that, after lay claim to the championship of GP2 Pierre Gasly in 2016, shall serve as the reserve driver of Ferrari this year. “Is very strong, already wanted him in our program at the beginning of 2016, so I’m happy that it is now the third Ferrari driver. Deserves a chance. For me is a great talent and his attitude is awesome. It is true that is 23 years old, but I don’t think that is correct for the door to F1 is open only to riders 18 years of age. Each rider has their personal story and that is what must be in F1”, commented Rivola on a pilot that, in the current times, it is considered by many to be a talent a little late.