Ferrari will celebrate its 70th birthday in style with 350 special editions

Ferrari is already, by its own right, one of the major brands in the world. In 2017 will celebrate 70 years of its foundation, and the Maranello will take advantage of such onomastics to release special editions of their five current models. We expect over 350 units of special and commemorative.


limited Series and special will be the coming year, as the F12 TdF

for already a few decades ago, Ferrari celebrated by everything high their birthday. In the past we were able to attend the launch of units as special as the Ferrari F40 or the Ferrari F50. On this occasion, the brand of the Cavallino presents something different. A year of launches of special and commemorative.

All the current models will suffer in their meat so emotional date. Since the Ferrari California T, until the last Ferrari GTC4Lusso, including the various units of the 488 GTB and F12. Some will start to come to light soon, as is expected for the Paris Salon of the month of October you already make act of presence.

In this way Ferrari will celebrate its 70th anniversary in the best moment of its history. Year-to-year sales are not made but grow, and because of this we have on the road car amazing and unrepeatable, like the Ferrari LaFerrari. However, do expect some special edition and limited by onomastics?


All models will have unique versions for the 70th anniversary of Ferrari

As we have already said, the F40 and F50 have arisen by the corresponding anniversary of Ferrari. Who knows if next year we will see something similar to this, a F70 or something similar. For the time being has not been communicated anything more, but your own CEO, Sergio Marchionne, has been in charge of notifying each edition will be managed by the division of customization, and that each one will be printed the character and the DNA of the brand.