Ferrari will give up to 15 years warranty (by paying apart)


Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

Over the years, Ferrari has not enjoyed the best reputation possible in terms of mechanical reliability. Some of their models have bodies that are very delicate and should be maintained thoroughly each time, but that is a thing of the past. Ferrari modern are more solid.

three years Ago Ferrari announced the warranty program extra New Power, which, through annual renewals could extend the coverage of the manufacturer until the twelfth year from its first registration. At that time it was the warranty more long-lived which was a manufacturer of cars.

The maintenance during the first seven years is included in the price of the car

Now Ferrari becomes overcome with the warranty New Power15, which extends the coverage up to 15 years after the first registration. Are protected the engine, gearbox, OCT, suspension and steering. The prices of these coverages have not been provided.


Ferrari 812 Superfast

What cars are eligible?

Ferrari cover you with the warranty New Power15 all models new or of occasion that have passed a thorough review to check on its status. It is not essential that they have been paid for warranty extensions previously, just that they are in good condition.

factory the Ferrari’s come with three years warranty, which can be extended to five. From the sixth to the twelfth year, you can purchase warranty New Power that we already knew. From there comes into play the guarantee New Power15. The extended coverage lasts for 12 months and can be renewed annually for three years.

As is evident, the warranty can be passed from one owner to another as a lower value of the car. Are assumed to be covered by Ferrari means that the car has received the pampering service officer, by highly qualified personnel, original spare parts and the quality system of Maranello. Annually will be reviewed.


Ferrari GTC4Lusso T

warranty coverage includes labor and genuine parts, but as always there are exceptions and do not cover some elements of wear and tear, such as gaskets, tires or shock absorbers. are also Not covered all models, apart are the special series and limited (such as F50, Enzo…)

on the other hand, the fact that the mechanical officers have access to the cars allows you to improve for the future: knowing what parts fail most often and which do not fail never. For clients it is an obvious advantage have much more controlled the cost of maintaining a Ferrari, since faults on a brand so that they can have five figures without the need of running.

unless you want To have a Ferrari kept in a glass display case to admire it or resell it at the end of the time -surely revalorizará – on the assumption that you have it in optimum mechanical condition is quite expensive, even for people with a high purchasing power. Another output is the car, nothing comes cheap, but for the rest of the year does not assume the cost of any.


Engine 3.9-liter V8 Twin-Turbo

why give so much warranty on luxury cars?

The reasons are several. Usually the cars of this brand are not the typical end up in a scrap yard, the most lasting, and if they just made scrap metal is primarily by accident. In fact there are scrapyards specialized in Ferrari, where there is also no cheap prices.

If the cars are “looked at” by the appropriate mechanical and with original parts, the manufacturer is more controlled to their pieces of art with wheels. This results in a greater market valuation and to keep it in the hands of a customer base that is affluent and with a certain cache. There is a limit of kilometers of to 90,000, although it is not often that a Ferrari move for both.

When the owner of a Ferrari decides to give it to the dealer to buy another, or just to get rid of it, the unit returns to get to the sale. When another person is interested in him, you will have an additional value, the fact of having been kept always in the house, more benefit to the dealer.