Ferrari will not be punished for your message pitboard to Vettel


During the last Bahrain Grand Prix, a strange message appeared on the pitboard of Sebastian Vettel during the race. “- 3.2 / LFS6 P1” was what could be read in the same. One of the teams, whose identity is unknown, took note of this and reported it to the FIA to the possibility that Ferrari were using the pitboard to transmit Vettel a message not authorized.

however, an explanation has sufficed to clarify the situation and to defend the Italian team of any violation, since, apparently, the FIA had approved the delivery of the message. Everything points to Sebastian Vettel had a problem in the display of their steering wheel that prevented him from obtaining specific information that was within the frameworks authorized, so that Ferrari would have asked permission from the FIA to detail that information via the pit board.

Sebastian Vettel is the first situation suspect this season have used an encrypted message or code, one of the main concerns of the various teams when it made public the new restrictions on the radio messages, much more restrictive.

In this regard, Charlie Whiting informed at the time that the Direction of Stroke monitorizaría with a camera all and each one of the communications that set in with the drivers via pit boards, to avoid any kind of ruse to make fun of this part of the regulation.