Ferrari will use 3 tokens for the GP of Russia of Formula 1

Ferrari de Kimi en el GP de China 2016The team Ferrari will bring an evolution for the GP of Russia, which will be held next week. The Maranello want to improve the internal combustion engine to give chase to Mercedes, and to do this they will use 3 tokens of the 9 that still had. Remember that Ferrari is the team that more tokens have been used already to improve his engine, coming to use, 23 of the 32 tokens that had each team to spend this 2016. After this evolution will only have 6 more to develop the rest of the season.

The problem is that if the italians do not find something really magical that gives them enough performance, Mercedes is a step ahead in aerodynamics and also in the engine, on top of that you have 13 tokens to use and to make an engine even more potent than they already have. But I hope that all motorists will improve quite a bit, and the season becomes something more entertaining, with a Red Bull is also very strong with the engine TAG Heurer (Renault, with 25 tokens per use) that will have a big update for Canada.

Ferrari siguiendo a MercedesAlthough the news was released the average German Auto Motor und Sport, there are also Italian fountains that have ensured that the 3 tokens will be used to improve the engine block and not to improve the reliability, improving the power unit without touching the auxiliary systems. However, Ferrari has had serious reliability problems that have resulted in an abandonment of Kimi Räikkönen in the first race of the season and with another of Sebastian Vettel in the second race of the season. Although I must also say that in the GP of China managed to finish the two.

To these problems of reliability in addition to the number of engines used. Kimi has to use its second engine, since they were able to save the first one for them aguantase the following races. But to implement these improvements, they will have to use the second drive for the GP of Russia. But worse has Sebastian Vettel, who used his third engine in the GP of Russia, 3 engines for the fourth GP of the year, I repeat 3 of the 5 that are allowed for the entire season. This means that iran is very, very fair or even that could penalize you in the last few races.