Ferrari won in 2017 537 million euros, 34% more than in 2016

like the rest of the firms of the sector, Ferrari is publicly presented the economic performance and sales that are derived from the last year 2017. According to the balance sheet that they have spread the guys of the signing of Cavallino, in sales over the financial year 2016 have been increased to 384 units. This is, in the total count of the year, have been delivered to a total of 8.398 vehicles.

This has been possible thanks to the good sales that they are having the models equipped with V12 engines. 812 Superfast and GTC4Lusso have increased their sales by 25 percent, so they have been the ones who have pulled the car in the Italian brand. In addition, models equipped with mechanical V8 have also had a great behavior, because the California T shows stable, despite the fact that the Portofino will come in the second half of this year.

In any case, it has been not only the increase in sales of Ferrari which has helped their profits are so high, because there is another great protagonist in the annual balance sheet provided by the firm. This is, without a doubt Maserati, because Ferrari is the one who is in charge of to manufacture engines that the signature of the pitchfork marketed in their models, helping you to increase your balance of trade.

in Addition, they have also given two situations to be very positive for the signature of the Cavallino. As we can read in this balance, on the one hand, the sale of genuine parts has increased and on the other, the possibility of new (and more profitable) sponsorships (+1%) have helped that the revenues are greater.

In any case, the net gain of Ferrari in 2017 with respect to the exercise of 2016 has increased by 34 percent, as you have reached the 537 million euros. Thanks to these numbers, the accumulated debt has been reduced from 653 million euros in 2016, up 473 million in 2017.

all in all, for the year 2018, the Group FCA and Sergio Marchionne hope that Ferrari do not abandon the path of growth. Your weapon will be the arrival in the market of the new Portofino, so it will be very possible to approach ever closer to the 9,000 units sold this year.

Source – Ferrari

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