FFZERO1 Concept: a single seater 1000 HP following in the steps of Tesla, what a bluff, or we take it seriously?

we Want facts, and not just words. And the expectation of time has generated Faraday Future still does not respond with the facts, with the future of a brand that, while it doesn’t scream to the four winds its goal of planting face-to-Tesla Motors, feels comfortable with the headlines that point in that direction. It is a fact that Faraday to Future has raised one of the most serious in a long time, with a multi-million pound investment (1,000 million us dollars in a factory in Nevada to begin to produce cars in a couple of years. And this car is so crazy, with 1,000 horsepower and a top speed exceeding the 300 km/h, the FFZERO1 Concept, is your letter of presentation. But how should we understand this presentation?

This car is only a prototype, a technical exercise and design to astonish the spectators of the CES 2016. But also a laboratory on wheels for the technology that we will see the first models of Faraday Future.

FFZERO1 Concept will never come to the dealers. It is a prototype, futuristic, spectacular, which aims to serve as a laboratory on wheels to investigate the technologies that you will see in your first model, that will begin to occur in less than two years.

This prototype is, above all, a marketing exercise, a creation that is called to generate many headlines these days. But the million dollar question remains, as always, do you mean Faraday’s Future? can end up dying before birth, as many other ambitious projects that we’ve met over the last decade?


Are speaking of more than a billion dollars of investment for raising its first factory in Nevada, and a number not yet confirmed of millions in the form of public subsidies.

The strength of the investments made by Faraday Future lead us to think that they are not going to bluff. Also they are talking about because of the millions that would have ensured this manufacturer, before you even create your first car, in the form of incentives from the us authorities, and different credits. To make matters worse, Faraday Future already has made up its workforce by recruiting workers who in their day have provided services to Tesla Motors and BMW (in the projects i3 and i8).

to Launch a single seater would not make sense, but exploring the design of a passenger compartment of technology, with solutions that some day if we will see cars on the street, yes it has. The FFZERO1 Concept has appealed to a few seats with improved ergonomics designed by the NASA, solutions augmented reality on the windshield for the instrumentation, and even a steering wheel with a central screen that will not be another screen of your own mobile phone, with a support designed for this purpose.

FFZERO1 Concept would be a number of systems that will ensure that it is permanently connected to the internet, its owner to control an infinite number of parameters in the distance, from his cell, and that the integration between the gadgets that we use daily, such as our smartphone, and the car is vastly superior to any other solution we’ve seen in the dealerships.


Faraday’s Future has presented a modular platform with a philosophy, and even technical issues, which are very similar to the one used by Tesla Motors.

But the most important thing is not that, but that Faraday’s Future has named as the Variable Platform Architecture (VPA). Under this body spectacular, exotic, and impossible in a product of the street, the FFZERO1 Concept hides a modular platform designed for electric vehicles, very promising. It would be based on a provision of batteries of type sandwich, on the base, in the central area of the vehicle, and in an arrangement of engines with 4 synchronous electric, in the case of this prototype, develop more than 1000 HP of power, to achieve a performance level from 0 to 100 km/h in around 3 seconds and a top speed over 320 km/h.

And what will argue in Tesla Motors and the arrival of Faraday’s Future? We imagine that since Tesla was contemplating the movements of this new brand with the same skepticism as we highlight in this entry, but also with some hope. What hope? Yes. We think that a good part of the movements of Elon Musk and his own in the last few years have not only been destined to grow as a brand, but also to encourage the development of electric. Elon Musk is aware that Tesla needs rivals, and the brands that follow in their footsteps, to continue to grow. So the arrival of a new player in this business would be a good news for Palo Alto.


The big problem, and doubt that it still will take months, and even years, to resolve is the following: are we facing a new case of success, like Tesla Motors, or in front of a huge bluff? Place your bets…

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