Fiasco stretch of 80 kilometres on the Rally of Mexico


Not all days are dispute a stretch of 80 km in the WRC. The Rally of Mexico decided to break new ground and set on his journey the special ‘Guanajuato’, a stretch located in the last day, that with its 80 kilometers became the longest special from the Rally of Corsica in 1986, always, and when we let go of the rally-to the sprint as the Safari or the test is disputed in the Ivory Coast. However, the experiment did not come out as wanted by the organisers and ‘Guanajuato’ passed with more pain than glory for the Rally of Mexico.

Place a stretch of 80 kilometers in the final stage of a rally may come out heads or tails. If the test is matched it can become a show worthy of praise, but in the last edition of the Rally of Mexico was not the case. Ago just a week, Jari-Matti Latvala was left seen to sentence a rally which entered its the last day of competition with the top ten points positions rather than decided. doesn’t seem like a good business therefore to use this type of bracket, according to has been able to confirm Patrick Suberville, Director of the Rally Mexico.

In fact, this dose of luck required does not justify the efforts made. So it recognizes the own Patrick Suberville, happy with the result of the special, but at the same time aware that a stretch so long involved an extra effort that does not bring any value to commercial or sport. Without going more far away and logistically, the distribution of the test forced them to have three ‘games’ of safety cars, one for each stage. Therefore, it seems that the record of mileage out of a special will remain for a good time, because the Rally of Mexico will not be repeated in 2017 this bet.