Fiat 124 Spider for 2016, the rebirth of a myth

We are facing one of the great hopes of the Fiat. The Italian brand has given a full turn, or at least is in the process of giving, to its fleet of models. Thanks to the alliance with Chrysler, the Italian brand is faced with a second youth, and what better way to demonstrate it than returning a jewel lost, the Fiat 124 Spider 2016.


A japanese dress, with a suit of clothing Italian, so is the 124 Spider

The truth is that it is not the first time we see it. We have long been following the trail in this sporty two-seater. The bet Fiat is important, because in a market where all are the sales volumes, the 124 Spider that don’t attract a lot of shopping, but it sure serves as a showcase for a style of life and a style in general that we all want.

As we have already been counting throughout the year, the 124 Spider was based on the Mazda MX-5 2015. Words larger if we take into account that the japanese is, by far, the great dominator of the segment. So that is what we have: concept two-seater, japanese technology and Italian design. What we are looking at the perfect creation?

The fact of being based on the Miata, it implies that we also have the formula for success in terms of mechanics is concerned. front-Engine, rear-wheel drive and manual switching. However, and despite having the same platform as the Fiat is slightly heavier and larger, 13 cm and 50 kg, respectively.


classic Line but with clear modern touches

Taking into account that it is a hybrid, half-Italian, half-japanese, of this last branch we have the chassis, the suspensions, the differential and the braking system. Later Fiat is responsible for integrating their engines and their gearboxes, as well as providing the latest configuration details, and of course the bodywork and some interior details

In the section mechanical for the time a single version has been revealed. This is the small engine of the Abarth 500, that is to say, a four-cylinder petrol, turbocharged 1.6-liter and a power of 160 HP. This is associated with an automatic change of six speeds, although there will also be possibility to put an automatic gearbox.

Leaving to one side the dynamic theme it is time to talk about the first thing that enters by the eyes nothing more to see the new 124, your design. Although much of the manufacturing is carried out in Japan, will be in Italy where he will confer on that body-so stylish. smooth Lines and rounded, combined with a long nose, a cockpit very delayed, in the position most central and a rear cropped.


inside costs to differentiate between the MX-5 and the 124 Spider, except for the steering wheel of course

If compared with the original model of 1966 the first thing that catches the eye is the loss of the two rear seats. be a convertible 2+2 we have moved to a convertible two-seater. A loss of habitability that will be rewarded by a better dynamics and a greater amount of sensations.

In the interior is where we can recognize a greater amount of elements of the MX-5 2015, not to say that it is virtually the same. A space fairly clean and simple with a low entry device. All the information will be provided to the driver via the dashboard and via the display at the top of the dashboard with a size of seven inches.

A legend in Italian is reborn after more than 25 years. Say hello to the Fiat 124 Spider 2016

Their technology is not overwhelming, the 124 Spider doesn’t play that league, nor does the MX-5, what his feelings are, and to get them nothing better than the simplicity most pure. Yes, they include items such as the headlights LED, assistants to the driving as the detector of the dead angle, or the parking sensors, in addition to the latest infotainment system; the Fiat Connect 7.0.

as for the rest of optional elements, we can find elements such as the 17-inch wheels, sports seats, metallic shades of the body, the team of high performance sound, the start button, as well as the above-mentioned dynamic elements which we mentioned above.


Will more engines, and it is rumored the four-cylinder of the Alfa Romeo 4C

The Fiat 124 has been officially presented at the Salon Los Angeles 2015, a market which really like this kind of cars. The arrival of european will not be until next year, probably by mid-year, with the arrival of good weather Fiat in the beginning of the marketing of this gem, by the time price unknown.