Fiat 500, a bestseller: more than a million and a half units manufactured


In the year 2007 was born the modern reinterpretation of the Fiat 500. With the passing of the years, the Nuova Fiat 500 original -born in 1957 – had become an iconic car thanks to its design and its simplicity, catching the car in its home country. From Italy to the world, five decades after it was the current Fiat 500, and Turin turned to look back towards the tradition and origins.

success of the Fiat 500 in these a little over eight years has been unquestioned, positioning itself as one of those small towns that attract attention and are the object of desire. Even has spearheaded the return of Fiat to north America: manufactured in Mexico, the Fiat 500 is sold in the united States, Canada, and in Mexico itself since 2011.

Currently, the model is marketed in over a hundred countries, and the family has expanded recently with other models like the Fiat 500L and Fiat 500X. But getting back to the us, the Fiat 500 three-door has achieved a new and important milestone during these days: one and a half million units are produced in Tychy.


The production plant of Tychy, in Poland, is in charge of manufacturing in Europe the Fiat 500 since its launch. The unit 1.500.000 produced corresponds to a Fiat 500 1.2 Pop in white. And this pretty figure will not stop here, thanks to a renewed Fiat 500 2015, which is already on sale with prices starting at € 8,600.

Without radical changes in his personality, the Fiat 500 2015 joined a updated design, which includes LED daytime running lights, new bumpers and an interior with qualities improved. Other details highlighted in the ‘restyling‘ 500 equipment -with a multimedia system Uconnect with screen of five inches, for example-possibilities of customization and a range of engines is very efficient, which provides petrol and diesel between 69 HP and 105 HP.