Fiat 500 Riva, the first teaser of the utility that I wanted to be a boat

Fiat 500 Riva teaserThe iconic Fiat 500 was born back in the year 1957 to become one of the models with more success of the brand. At this time in Italy, living the ‘Dolce Vita’ and it was impossible not to highlight another vehicle very different from the Aquamara Riva, a fast boat with a lot of distinction. Now, in its 59 anniversary, utility, and boat will come together to create a special edition that will be called Fiat 500 Riva.

Racing and navigation together to create a small vehicle that combines beauty and elegance. For the moment, only has been revealed a teaser with which we will not be able to draw conclusions, because a canvas cover for the 500 Riva. It is expected that both for its exterior as for its interior to be distributed-specific elements that give a unique style. The quality will also be improved thanks to noble materials.

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Fiat 500

so yes we can make an idea, is color chosen for your body, blue Evening Blue. This tone has been specially made for this special edition and is the same as that which the looks of the Aquariva Super, the heir to the legendary Aquarama. The interior is one of the parts that more desire we have to see, as the Italian brand has wanted to turn it into a ‘ship in miniature’.

A dashboard with inserts wood of mahogany and maple that provide elegance, various chrome accents to highlight your personality and the color “aquamarine” by checking the vehicle customization. To know the mechanics chosen for this Fiat 500 Riva still will have to wait, as the brand has not released garment. The 59 anniversary of the 500 marks the 4 July, but we hope to be able to know this model before.

Source – Fiat

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