Fiat 500L 2017, SEAT Ibiza 2017 and Rolls-Royce Cullinan 2018: spy Photos December 2016

Fotos espía de coches - Diciembre 2016

Compilation monthly of the best spy photos published on is in December of 2016.

we bring to You our latest compilation monthly spy photos the past year or 2016. December was a period that our photographers had a lot of movement already at the beginning of that month, there were many car manufacturers that moved their development center from the north of Europe (Scandinavia) to confront their prototypes or mules test the cold, ice and snow in the harsh european winter.

Without a doubt, has been the ideal time to hunt for the first time to new models that are coming, while other photographed during December have been presented just a few days ago at the Detroit Auto show 2017, the first major appointment automobile of this year.

As we do on a monthly basis, in this article we are going to collect the spy photos more important that we have posted over the past month. And the truth is, our photographers have managed to capture with their goals in interesting developments that will be detailed along the following lines. So if you have not been able to follow all of the spy photos that we posted in December, I recommend you to continue reading to keep abreast of the most important looming.

Fotos espía de coches - Diciembre 2016

Starting with the German brands in the first place, let’s take a look at the spy photos of Mercedes-Benz more interesting over the past month. The long-awaited new generation of the G-Class has been one of the most has posed for our cameras. On the one hand, we have photographed the Mercedes-AMG G 63 2018 while on the other hand, we glimpse in the distance a mysterious prototype Mercedes G-Class 2018 with battle extended.

Other spy pictures important Mercedes published over the past month has been the new Mercedes-AMG S 63, the “facelift” is underway, the new Mercedes CLS 2018, as well as the Mercedes-AMG GLC 63. Both versions sport and high performance are in development and will arrive very soon. By the way, also we hunt for the new Mercedes E-Class Coupe, a model that has been recently introduced.

Leaving to one side the mark of the star and focusing on BMW, once again the BMW X2 2017 is part of our compilation monthly. In addition, we have also photographed the new BMW X7 2018 that is about to arrive as well as the new BMW 3 Series with package M Sport and the BMW 6 Series GT dressed also with that package of sporty style.

Fotos espía de coches - Diciembre 2016

In terms of Volkswagen, the truth is that it has been a month, “loose”, however, we have the first spy photos of the Volkswagen Arteon 2018, the new model that they are developing and which will be positioned as the new flagship of the German firm in Europe, ahead of the VW Passat. And other models of German firms, that we have “captured” in December have been the new generation of the Porsche Cayenne for the umpteenth time, the Opel Insignia Sports Tourer 2018 as well as the Porsche Pajun-on testing of the driving systems, autonomous or piloted that will equip when you arrive at dealers in the future.

The new generation of the Kia Soul that is expected to hit the market in the year of 2019 has also been captured. Nor can we let pass without comment the spy photos of the SEAT Ibiza 2017 or the Jaguar E-Pace. Aston Martin it is also another of the brands that you are squeezing the throttle in the development of various models in which it is involved. The Aston Martin Vantage 2018 and the Aston Martin DB11 steering Wheel are two of them.

it is Also interesting to remember the pictures of the Volvo XC60 2017, Rolls-Royce Cullinan 2018, Renault Mégane R. S. 2018, Audi A8, 2017 and the Fiat 500L 2017, are very important models that are currently in development and that not much time will be available in the market. Finally, we also highlight the spy photos of the Lexus LS 2018 or the Lamborghini Aventador’s, although both models have already been