Fiat 500L 2018: first spy photos of the renovation of the minivan, urban

Fiat 500L 2018 - foto espía

First spy photos of the new Fiat 500L 2018.

In the middle of last year Fiat introduced the new Fiat 500. The small urbanite Italian received a long-awaited washing of face with which to catch up by introducing a whole series of developments both at the level of aesthetic, technological, and mechanical. The family 500 of Fiat is very wide and varied, and the next member of it to receive an upgrade will be the Fiat 500L. And proof of that are these spy photos.

In the images we can see the early spy photos taken at the all-new Fiat 500L 2018. Our photographers took advantage of that Fiat was transporting on a trailer a group of test units from one facility to another. It is possible to call attention to the dense camouflage if we take into account that we are talking about a “facelift” (washing of face). And it is logical, since the new Fiat 500L will not see the light until the year 2018.

Taking into account the time it took to mark in your day in updating the Fiat 500, we will follow the same strategy with the 500L. And even more so when the situation is almost the same. Currently, and despite the time that has been on the market the Fiat 500L now, it’s one of the minivans urban most sold in Spain and in other european markets. For example, in Italy it is the third best selling car.

Fiat 500L 2018 - foto espía posterior

A group of test units of the new Fiat 500L are transported on a trailer.

therefore, and according to the saying of “if something works, do not change”, Fiat will build the rest of the year and the next to try and develop depth is set to point to the 500L. Going back to the spy pictures here, although the Fiat 500L 2018 have hunted with their goals of our photographers present a large amount of camouflage, we can catch a glimpse of some of the design changes.

As is usual in this type of “facelift”, the major design changes will be concentrated in the front and behind. In the new front and underneath the camouflage is a glimpse of a few new air inlets as well as a grill in line with the one used by the new models of the Italian firm. It also appears that there will be changes in the line of the hood, while another relevant change will be that of the headlights.

In regards to the rear, the production model will use a new bumper as well as lights redesigned. All this is in line with the changes of the front. Other developments that will affect the paragraph aesthetic will be the arrival of new colors as well as designs of tires. All of this to offer a greater range of possibilities to the hour to configure it.

Fiat 500L 2018 - foto espía frontal

A close look at the camouflaged front of the new Fiat 500L 2018.

In short, we have before us the first spy photos of the new Fiat 500L. Over the coming months we will discover all the novelties we have prepared the model of Fiat.

¿When it will come to the dealerships? Of the current trend of market, it is very possible that we do not see the new Fiat 500L on the market until well into the 2018. In relation to the possible scenario of its implementation over, we cannot rule out any option, although if Fiat finally decides to wait until the mentioned year, it is very possible to let them see in the Geneva motor show. The best place to introduce this major update of one of their best selling models.