Fiat 500L Tiberius Taxi, or the taste of Castagna Milano so bizarre

Castagna Milano is a coach Italian specialist in bodywork of the most picturesque. We could almost say that it is a body builder. Without getting lost in terminology, in your have have cars what more esperpéntico. This latter case has as its protagonist the Fiat 500L Living, their version of seven-seater. What they have wanted to build is a taxi from seven squares. We all know that a taxi needs a good boot. And Castagna Milano not wanted to give up the rear seats. Thus was born what has been dubbed as “Tiberius Taxi”.

Castagna Milano has already designed the current fleet of taxis on the island of Capri, dilapidated Fiat Marea 1998.

Basically, what they have done is to extend the dimensions of the Fiat 500L Living in 540 mm – reaching a total length considerable: 4,89 meters. Possibly have turned to composite materials and a rear subframe, lengthened, a change that you look at it, it is not simple to perform properly. In this behind, open to the sky, have left a gap for the transport of luggage. It is a vehicle designed for climates benevolent, as the of the Italian coast.

castagna-milano-tiberio-taxi-5 why? Because it is not a car made for the rain: your behind is exposed, the rear seats are communicated with the outside. and a fine awning covers the roof of the minivan, completely open. It is a convertible, but it really is not. Want to be a pick-up, but it really is not. It is a vehicle that is truly peculiar. I can not say that behind me, look graceful: it will be apparent that it has been added afterwards, although the quality of the execution will be good.

Integrates accessories such as a small tank of water attached to a hose, which facilitates the cleaning in situ of the car.

The materials used by Castagna Milano are of the highest quality: use teak wood for the cargo area – the last row of seats is hinged – and the door of the “box” of this “pick-up” is made in a mix of wood and wicker. In the interior of the car, we find a new upholstery in Alcantara of mediterranean colours, a lot of brown, so much blue and so much beige. Who will buy this car?, you might be wondering. It seems to be that will be the taxi drivers of the beautiful Italian island of Capri.

castagna-milano-tiberio-taxi-8they Want to replace the decrepit fleet of taxi Fiat Marea convertibles that Castagna Milano manufactured to the island in 1998.

Source: Carscoops
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